A weekend in Drumheller: RobinDrumheller Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the huge pleasure of spending a weekend in Drumheller, with a few friends of mine: Robin, Tara, Sara, Chelsea and Jennie.

Our goal was to shoot a maximum of photos, in different locations, and in TWO DAYS. The good thing about traveling with other creatives is that they get what you do. If you pull over every five minutes because you saw a good spot for photos or if you insist on taking the small roads, they won’t be mad at you. No, the good thing is that they will probably jump out of the car because just like you, they want to get the perfect shot. Right Chelsea?! 😉

The other good thing was that because they were six of us, we had enough people posing and/or shooting. It was easy to just pick a spot, and then just play and be creative.

And because I took way too many photos during these two days, I don’t have any other choice than do several blog posts. So, I am starting with my dear Robin, from the blog My Closet Journey. It’s always so fun to photograph her.

We started with some photos in the hotel room. Not the most gorgeous hotel room, but the light was good.

girl in her Calvins girl with glasses in hotel room

Then, it was time to hit the road, and we found some very spots on our way to a town called Wayne.

weekend-drumheller-robin-emilie-iggiotti-01 desert vibes in drumheller

WestWorld inspiration anyone?? We loved this little town.

weekend-drumheller-robin-emilie-iggiotti-01 westworld inspired shoot in drumheller

Ok, for those images, we literally had to chase the sunset. We were a little bit behind on schedule, and had to drive from one point to the other, so we can catch the last light. It was worth it though, and the photos turned out perfectly.

girl with unicorn hair weekend-drumheller-robin-emilie-iggiotti-01

Who can resist some pics with a cute dinosaur?!!

girl posing in front of dinosaur in drumheller weekend-drumheller-robin-emilie-iggiotti-01

Creative team:

Model: Robin from My Closet Journey

MUA: Allure by Chelsea

Other babes: Tara, Sara and Jennie

Photography: Edmonton Portrait Photographer | Emilie Iggiotti

All my photos are edited with the Wolf Pack presets by Tribe Photo Co.

To be continued…