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It’s not officially the end of the year if a photographer does not post her/his “Best of” the year. So here is my “Best images of 2016 by Edmonton Fashion Lifestyle Photographer Emilie Iggiotti“. I am going to be a little bit emotional for a second. Please, jump directly to the photos if you don’t like sappy blog posts.

So, in 2016, I started to officially work for an amazing company called Tribe Red Leaf. If you are a photographer, you probably know them. If you are not a photographer, you probably never heard of them. Amy and Richard are the owners of Tribe Red Leaf, a company based in Vancouver who develops and offers products to professional photographers like me. I have been a long time customer and user of the Tribe Red Leaf presets when Richard and Amy asked me to join their team as a social media coordinator, blogger and test editor. My role quickly moved to social media coordinator to social media manager for Tribe Red Leaf but also for Tribe Archipelago, the sister company of Tribe Red Leaf created in collaboration with the Looks Like Film team.

Working with Tribe Red Leaf and Tribe Archipelago has definitely changed my life this year. The community of photographers I had the pleasure of working with is absolutely incredible. (And I even wrote an article about it.) I love my job and I learned so much this year thanks to these people. I want to take the opportunity today to publicly thank Amy and Richard for taking a chance on me and hire me. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and I wish you the best for 2017. Can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for the Tribe!

Another big milestone this year for me since I moved to Edmonton was that I stopped shooting weddings (but I am planning on taking a few in 2017… more to come on this!).  I indeed transitioned to lifestyle and fashion photography. This transition was not easy, especially having to start over in a new city. It was very challenging. But boy, this decision took me to places I never thought I would ever visit. Because I had very few weddings booked this year, my dear friend Brent Calis asked me to help him shoot some corporate gigs for Scarlett Street, a creative agency based in Toronto. That’s how I embarked in a huge project called Far and Wide, which took me all over Canada the entire summer. The people I met while doing my job, the places I have been to this summer will forever be cherished.

This year has also been full of hard times and moment of despair. But I decided to keep showing up everyday, even when I was feeling unworthy, ugly and useless.

I just wanted to share with you what I wrote yesterday in my journal.

“I thought 2016 sucked and then I started to look at my images from this year and I told myself: “Damn it, that was a good year.”

We are so used to evaluate our worth and what we have in comparison to what we see on social media and on Internet that we forget to appreciate our own victories and successes. We watch other people’s lives so much that we forget to tune in our own personal channel. I thought that 2016 was bad (and it was in some ways) but in general, I must admit that it was pretty good, photographically speaking.

I travelled, I met amazing people (I wish I could name them all), I ate good food, I drank good coffee, I laughed a lot, I cried a lot, I danced, I sang at the top of lungs, I read great books, I listened to good music, I went to amazing concerts, I slept a lot, I watched lots of good TV shows and movies, I loved, I hugged, I lived.

How amazing is this?”

Something in me definitely changed in 2016… I discovered a self-trust I did not know I had, a peaceful feeling that everything will be okay, even if my timing seems off. Also, it’s okay to not have the same timing as everyone else. You gotta dance on your own rhythm.

Now that I think of 2016, all I see are the faces of the people who took part in my life and showed me love, friendship, trust and consideration. I am seen, and loved and known and it is a beautiful feeling.

Thank you everyone for everything.

Love you all,


My best images of 2016 | Edmonton Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer



  • Perrine said:

    Superbes ! Toutes aussi belles les unes que les autres. En effet, c'était une année de belles images. Vivement 2017 !

  • Treena said:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and experience of the past year. Raw and real. Bless you in 2017

  • Maeva said:

    elles sont belles tes photos comme toujours ! et quel bonheur de s'affranchir des réseaux sociaux, enfin dans une certaine mesure si ça fait partie intégrante de ton job. Moi même j'ai réalisé à quel point ça m'était toxique. Depuis que j'ai engagé une detox ça va bien mieux ! Continue comme ça, tu as du talent ! ?

  • Isabella Rosa said:

    These are great my love! Great job

  • Florence said:

    Tes mots résonnent tellement forts et justes... merci de les partager. Magnifiques images "2016"... je te souhaite une année 2017 encore plus belle, à tous les points de vue !

  • Marc W said:

    Amazing work Émilie!

  • Randi said:

    Emilie, these are the most beautiful photos! Your work is incredible. But more than that, you are incredible <3 Your words here are such an inspiration to me. 2016 was a major struggle for me and I also thought it was a sucky year but you inspired me to really take a closer look and see the beauty in the moments i shared with others. Those things are way more important than all that went wrong. Thank you for sharing this! Miss you!