The Queen of HollywoodEdmonton Women Photographer

When I asked my friend Danielle to pose for me, I did not have an exact idea of what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted something glamorous and classy. But it’s only when I saw this dress in Danielle’s closet that I had this idea of a shoot around the theme of the “Queen of Hollywood”. As an Edmonton photographer specializing in women portraits, it’s important for me to create imagery that tell real and honest stories.

Queen of Hollywood is a song by The Corrs, one of my favourite groups from the 90’s. The story of the song is a bit sad, but it’s a beautiful song.

I wanted the series to follow the lyrics of the song… it starts as a happy story, a woman who follows her dreams and wants to become the Queen of Hollywood. But soon, she starts losing her spark, and her life becomes sad. It’s the story of so many persons, who go after their dreams, but realize that their life can become completely different. It’s not easy to try to follow your dreams, sometimes you lose yourself while doing it. But the woman in the song never gives up, she believes that she’ll be the Queen of Hollywood.

The series start with bright and happy photos, but end with moody, dark and blurred pictures to emphasize the despair she is starting to feel.

I hope you will enjoy these images! And how gorgeous is my friend Danielle Lucier?

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My favourite part of the song:

“Now her mother collects cut-outs
And the pictures make her smile
But if she saw behind the curtains
It could only make her cry
She’s got hand prints on her body
Sad moonbeams in her eyes
Not so innocent a child

She’s never gonna be like the one before
She read it in her stars that there’s something more
No matter what it takes, no matter how she breaks
She’ll be the queen of Hollywood”

All images are edited by me with Tribe Archipelago presets.




Fieldstudy Shop in CalgaryCalgary Photographer

A little visit to Fieldstudy Shop in Calgary…

When my friend Robin asked me if I wanted to go to Calgary with her, I jumped on the occasion. I never been to Calgary before and I already had a list of shops I wanted to visit. One of these shops is the beautiful Fieldstudy Shop, a shop I discovered via Instagram.

I already fell in love with the shop on Instagram, I did not think I could love it even more in real life. And the truth is that Sarah, the owner of the shop, made me love the shop even more. You know when you meet someone for the first time, and they are so sweet, kind and passionate about their craft that we have no other solution than just adore them? Well, this is the feeling I had, the moment we entered the shop.

I was going to only take photos of the shop. But Sarah’s personality is so darn cute, I had to photograph her.

This is how you should do business, be a freaking awesome human being, and be passionate about your business and your craft. That’s the only way to do it.

calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shopcalgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop fieldstudy shop calgary calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop fieldstudy shop calgary calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop fieldstudy shop calgary calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop fieldstudy shop calgary calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shop


Shop: Fieldstudy Shop

Photography: Calgary Photographer Emilie Iggiotti

See you soon!



Know your valueEdmonton Lifestyle Photographer

Do you know your value?

I shared this image on my Instagram yesterday, and also in a photographers’ group, and it got a lot of positive feedback. The truth is, I wrote that text in 3 minutes, it’s not the best text but I was speaking from the heart. Also, this photo is one of my favourite, and it was taken one year ago. I re-edited it a few days ago, and asked my retoucher to make it darker.

With the big discussion these past few days about social media, fake followers, bought likes and sketchy influencers, it’s good to remind yourself that you don’t need all the noise, you don’t need the labels, and you obviously don’t need the validation of anyone to create what you want. Just own it!

We live in a sad world where if you don’t have 200 likes on a photo, you are considered a “bad photographer”, or someone who is not trendy. It reminds me of high school, if you were not friend with that person, you were not cool enough to be talked to. How we value ourselves and our work, now depends on what others think of us. It’s time to reverse this statement. The people who have made peace with pleasing everyone are the happiest, and they are out there, creating and getting better at what they do.

This seems to be a recurrent theme here. The quote “be yourself, you are a true artist” seems cheesy and overused, but it’s still true. In other words, do whatever the fuck you want. Don’t wait for the validation of others. Or you’ll be very disappointed.

It seems like I always go from the light to the darkness, and then back to the light. It looks like I’m attracted to both. I really don’t care about labels anymore, my photography is above any labels. I just create. Sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it’s bright. It does not threaten my creativity, my brand or my style. Because my photography is an expression of my mood, my mind, my soul, my heart… sometimes attracted to the light, sometimes drawn to the darkness.





Purging my closet

I am going to get a bit personal here for a minute…

I have a clothes situation and it’s not pretty. The truth is that I gained some weight the past two years and my body changed and it won’t be the same ever again. I have been holding onto those clothes to be ‘fit again”, to motivate me to lose weight, to go back to the gym. But let me tell you something that no women magazine or newspaper tell you: when you get older, you don’t just gain some weight, you actually become wider, and some body parts keep growing. I am not kidding guys! Nobody tells you that shit. I’m not necessarily bigger or heavier. But my butt does not fit into that old pair of jeans, my belly can not stand those low rise jeans anymore and that cute dress makes me look like I had two burgers for lunch.

After 35 years old, your body changes. I was going to the gym every day, exercising, trying to keep up with the younger girls and their tiny body. I did not understand why I could not lose those stupid kilos like before. It should be easy: eat healthy, exercise and you will lose the weight. IT’S A LIE. After 35 years old, your body knows. It knows that you are trying to trick it into starving and sweating. Your body knows what you are trying to do and it’s tired of it. At least, mine is tired of it. And I feel like it just keeps blossoming and taking the space it wants to take in this world of perfection and restriction. More hips, more boobs, more belly, more butt… it’s just my body now and I am not going to tell it how it is supposed to be anymore.

So back to my clothes… all these clothes which don’t fit me anymore. For the past six months, I have been wearing the same pair of jeans over and over again, because it is the only one which fits me. So, my friends, it’s time to say goodbye to my closet. I feel bad for all these pretty dresses, pants and shirts which are sad because I am not wearing them anymore. But they deserve a new home and some love. They deserve to be out in this world. They don’t need to be attached to my shame anymore. I want to make them free.

So, I am participating in this bloggers’ sale on March 26th. And if you want to buy some nice clothes at a very interesting price (everything will be under $50), you should come see us at Vacancy Hall in Edmonton. My goal is not to make money. Lots of stuff will be at $5 or $10.

I am starting over because I deserve it. My body deserves it. It deserves respect for taking me anywhere I want and for being healthy. I’m done treating my body like it is something I should be ashamed of or something imperfect. It’s perfect, it’s beautiful and it’s a gift from the Universe (or from God if you are religious). Let’s all celebrate our bodies and treating it with respect.

So mark your calendar: Bloggers’ Sale, March 26th, from 10am to 6pm at Vacancy Hall in Edmonton.
Mercer Warehouse, Lower Level
10359 104 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 1B9
P.S.: I’m all about eating healthy and exercising. This post is not about adopting bad habits or promoting obesity. But it’s more about accepting our bodies the way it is. It’s about living peacefully with our image instead of trying to become what we think society wants us to be.

Photographing Lara Jade

When I was in California last October, I had the honour of photographing Lara Jade, host of the Create Retreat workshop but most of all, one of my favourite fashion photographer. I have been knowing Lara since her early days at Flickr and Deviant Art. I have always been amazed by her talent and her beauty. Meeting her in real life was a real key moment for me. I know the quote which says that we should not meet our idols but meeting Lara has been a great experience for sure.

On the second day of the workshop, we had an impromptu photo shoot with all the attendees and Lara was kind enough to pose for us. I was able to capture a few images of her. She is a natural beauty, and she knows her angles for sure. But there is something else coming from her. She is quiet, posed and confident. Meeting one of your favourite photographers is already a great moment, but being able to photograph her is definitely a huge honour.

I hope you will like the few portraits I took of Lara.

Credits of this shoot:

  • Model: Lara Jade
  • Location: The Mountain Mermaid in Topanga
  • Hosts: Lara Jade and Emily Soto for Create Retreat
  • Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti
  • Images edited with ELMT Earth from Tribe Red Leaf

You can read more about Create Retreat here and here.