French girl shoot in Edmonton

When Ashley and I decided to shoot together, I sent her a few images for inspiration. And then when I looked at the images I sent, I told her the theme were obviously: French girl in Edmonton waiting for her boyfriend. Hahaha!

The day we were supposed to shoot was not exactly the best day for both of us. My phone died the day before, and I had to go to a shop in a mall almost outside of the city to get it repaired. They gave me a temporary phone until mine was getting repaired, and then I was late for the photo shoot. Ashley got lost on her way back from the make-up artist studio, and could not reach me, and she was late for the photo shoot too. We both started the shoot on a very stressful note, but ended up laughing about it.

french-girl-shoot-edmonton_0001 french girl shoot edmonton emilie iggiotti french girl photo shoot edmonton

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Portraits of a womanEdmonton Woman Photographer

Portraits of a woman

I did a casting call a few months ago because I wanted to take some portraits of a woman who is 45 years old and more in Edmonton. Because in this society, if you look around, on TV, or in magazines, the majority of women are 30 years old and less. After 30, you are considered “too old”. In movies, we frequently see actors playing the roles of older men (60 years old and more) being married or in love with younger women. The photography business is no different. Women are photographed when they are playing a role: fiancee, bride, mother, wife. And as soon as you don’t fit in any of those “roles”, why would you be photographed? That’s why I am making a point in photographing all women, not because you need to fit in a role, but because you deserve to be “seen”. It’s that simple.

So, this is how I met Nancy.

Her beautiful niece sent me her contact on Facebook, and then Nancy sent me an email. We met at my studio, where I photographed her on a Saturday afternoon.

I was in awe of her class, her elegance, and how photogenic she was. It was easy to photograph her, and I love her genuine attitude and her quiet presence.

Here are some of my favourite shots from her session. Here are some portraits of a beautiful woman.

portraits of a woman edmontonportraits of a womanportraits of a woman

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A week in Paris

A week in Paris by Edmonton travel photographer Emilie Iggiotti

While I was in France and because I am a kind of travel photographer, I decided to spend one week in Paris to enjoy the city. How can I say no to Paris? Paris is perfect for travel photography. Also, it was good to see my friends, discover new restaurants, and to just hang out in the city. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen my Instagram stories and my photos. I did not take a lot of photos with my big camera, and I mostly used my camera phone (yes, shame on me!). But I decided to be present in the moment, rather than hidden behind a big camera.

I stayed at a super cute boutique hotel, called C.O.Q Hotel Paris. It is so cute and well decorated, I wanted to stay there forever. I also did two sessions in Paris, so stay tuned for more previews.

Here are a few pictures of Paris. I hope you like it!

les toits de Paris edmonton travel photographer window open on a street in Paris in Le Marais deluxe bedroom at COQ hotel Paris COQ hotel paris travel photographer week paris travel photographer

See you soon Paris!


A little giveaway!

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A dreamy master bedroom

When Edmonton lifestyle blogger Justine from the blog With Justine asked me to photograph her newly renovated dreamy master bedroom, of course I said yes. She wanted to do a big reveal (she has been renovated her house for the past few months), and I thought that it was a great idea. I love home decor and I love photographing interiors (have you checked my portfolio?). I find it peaceful to arrange lit

Justine and her husband have put so much love and effort in the renovation of their house, it’s just amazing to see what they have created. If you think Pinterest dream decor meets good taste and class, you will get the idea. The master bedroom is a dreamy room for sure. And they are now working on the living room and the kitchen! I know who I am going to call when I need some home styling advice! Yes, I will call you Justine, with no hesitation!

with justine bedroom renovation dream bedroom edmonton home renovation edmonton home renovation photographer edmonton home renovation photographer with justine bedroom renovation

I love everything about that bedroom… but I especially love the high ceilings!

dream bedroom edmonton home renovation

And I could not resist photographing this pretty lady!

with justine bedroom renovation

Creative team for this shoot:

Renovation: Justine and her husband Ian

Styling and home decor: Justine herself

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

Be sure to visit Justine’s blog for more photos, insights, and information about the renovation.



I’m still standing

Remember that song by Elton John? Well, I just wanted to let you know that I am still standing and I am back in Edmonton and ready to shoot more lifestyle sessions! Haha, it has been a while since I blogged, and I am a little bit ashamed. But this is life, it gets busy and you don’t always do everything you want to do.

So, here is a small summary of what I have done lately:

  • went to France for a month, to see my family (see my travels on my Instagram page)
  • shot two Truth in You sessions in France
  • hired a professional writer to write all the texts for my website
  • hired a graphic designer who is going to create a new logo for my photography business
  • still busy working for Tribe Red Leaf and Tribe Archipelago, and there is even a new division launching tomorrow, and it’s called Tribe Photo Co.
  • celebrated Mother’s Day in France with my mom
  • spent a week in the South of France with my friend Charlotte who made me discover her city, Montpellier
  • was featured on the Dear Photographer blog! Check my interview HERE.

I have so many sessions to edit… but I am leaving this Sunday for Vancouver for The Camp Collective. I am excited! Meanwhile, here are some sneak peeks from my latest sessions.

still standing Edmonton lifestyle photographer Emilie Iggiotti

See you soon!