Come as you are!

Come as you are!
I hear everyone talk about how they can’t wait for their hair appointment, or to have their nails done or that they need fake eyelashes. For 2 months, we have been living in a bubble, focusing on flattening the curve and not caring about the way we look. It was a nice break from always feeling like we need to have our shit together, or that we need to wear pants or a bra (right?!).
But are we totally ready to go back to “normal”?
Do you really hate your grey hair?
When is the last time you had your natural nails for so long?
Do you really need to have your roots done?
How do you feel about not having to wear makeup or heels every day?
I invite you to sit in this and ask yourself: do I really need all of this? Can I appreciate the person I see in the mirror every day?
Of course, I am not judging anyone who wears makeup every day and wants to have their hair done asap.
But I wonder: can we take a moment to appreciate who we are, right now, in the most beautiful way. With grey hair, and dark roots, and short nails, and wild eyebrows… just you being YOU!
Maybe you felt like you have been falling apart during this pandemic (physically and mentally) but it’s okay. You might be falling apart but you are now going to put the pieces back together. And you are only keeping the pieces you want to keep! We don’t have to go back to “normal”, or whatever before was. We can go back to OURSELVES. And ourselves might look different. No mask, no hiding, no fear. Just the real, raw and relatable YOU.
So, if you feel called to have your photo taken by me, and if you feel like standing in your most natural beauty and truth, I invite you to “come as you are”.
Let me show you how beautiful you already are, the person who has gone through so much, who has endured the isolation and came out of it with so much more strength.
Let’s capture YOU now so you can always come back to these images in the future and see how badass you are!
Send me an email to to book your spot!
Note: I have limited spots open for these sessions. It will happen on specific days in downtown Edmonton, with physical distancing.

Photo Native 2020

Photo Native 2020

Last February, I travelled to Santa Barbara, California for Photo Native 2020. The memory seems so far already. I miss the sun, the hugs, the laughter, the photoshoots, the people…

I realized how beautiful this experience was, and yet I felt like I did not appreciate it fully, now that we are stuck in quarantine during a pandemic.

So here are the photos from my native photo shoot organized with the collaboration of my girls Lindsay and Kaitlin.

Creative Team:

Lifestyle photoshoot by @emilieiggiottiphotos for Photo Native / Creative direction: Emilie Iggiotti / Styling: @rubythursdayhome / Makeup: @upstairsglamour / Models: Kaitlin (@upstairsglamour) and Kariss (@pharrisphotos) / Video and behind the scenes: @lindsay_mills_ / Location: Old Mission Santa Barbara

All my photos are edited with the Nomad presets by Tribe Archipelago. Use the code EMILIE20 for 20% off (be sure to click on the link above).

I am so thankful for this trip, for this conference, for my team and for the ladies who attended my shoot.

Until next time, Photo Native!



You deserve to be in the picture

You deserve to be in the picture


She is always running after time. She wants to slow down but there is always something to do on the to-do list.
She is tired but she does not tell anyone, because she feels like she can’t complain.
She looks at her kids growing up and her heart does that thing where it’s breaking a little bit. She can’t believe they are this age already. Where did the time go?
She wants to freeze the time but she also can’t wait to see what things they are going to accomplish in their lives.
She is always torn between nostalgia and excitement for the future.
She wants to soak it in as much as she can. But she is always moving on to the next task.
She is here and thinking ahead at the same time.
She is simultaneously the witness and the main character of the story.
She is the mother, the guardian of all memories.

Book an Editorial Motherhood Portraits for you now or gift it to someone special to you.

Email me HERE if you have questions or to save your spot!

Don’t wait for too long, as spots fill up fast!

Lots of love,


This is my face

This is my face

This is my face, y’all.⁣

⁣Not the face I make when I try to be sexy on Instagram.⁣

⁣This is my REAL face.⁣

⁣This is the face I make when I am laughing really hard, and you can’t see my eyes anymore, and you can almost count all my teeth (I am missing a few, thank you braces!).⁣

⁣That’s the face of joy and happiness.⁣

⁣I used to not like that face. Too many teeth. Big nose. Double chin. My skin is not perfect.⁣

⁣But I realized that this is the face people see all the time, and they seem to like my face because they don’t run away with fear in their eyes when they see me.⁣

⁣So I learned to like my face, and my all self.⁣

⁣It’s a process, I won’t lie to you.⁣

⁣But maybe learn to like your face too. Especially if you are a woman and people tell you that you need to change your face to be liked/loved.⁣

⁣You don’t.⁣

⁣I like your face. Your face is your face.⁣

⁣And it’s also okay to do things that make you feel more confident (like, getting braces, lol).⁣

⁣But do it for you, not for the haters.⁣

⁣Anyway, this is my face.⁣

⁣You are welcome!⁣

⁣Have a good day!⁣

Emilie Iggiotti - At Photo Native 2020 photographed by Justin Hackworth

Photo by Justin Hackworth, taken at Photo Native 2020 in Santa Barbara, California.

A glimpse of 2019

A glimpse of 2019

Blogging about our review of the year is not popular anymore. Now, we stick to Instagram and the top 9 most liked images on the app.

But I wanted to show you what my year looked like, from my point of view. The images that stayed with me, even after the session was done and delivered.

And I am looking forward to seeing you in front of my camera in 2020! Let’s talk!


edmonton portrait photographer emilie iggiotti
edmonton portrait photographer emilie iggiotti
edmonton portrait photographer emilie iggiotti
edmonton portrait photographer emilie iggiotti
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