Bye bye 2015!

Hey there!

Happy New Year!!!!

OMG it’s already January 4th, 2016. I am late for my “bye bye 2016” post. Whatever…

I know I am not original with this farewell post to 2015. Every photographer does it. I am not going to blame them, it is a good way to take a look at what you did this year and to re-focus for the upcoming year. I did not want to do it but then I realized it’s a good way to end a chapter before starting a new one. And I can’t wait to start this new chapter.

As some of you know it now, I am not very proud of this year, it was not amazing or epic. I did not photographed 20 amazing weddings, did not travel to Iceland, did not shoot a celebrity wedding, did not organized ten workshops, was not named Best wedding photographer of the year by Martha Stewart. I have realized that my self-worth had nothing to do with all these “successes” that we all dream to check on a bucket list. I don’t even have a bucket list anymore.

Let’s be honest, this year was very hard. I never thought I would suffer from depression and I spent half of the year being miserable because I could not understand what was wrong with me and the other half trying to heal my soul and taking care of me. I still see 2015 as a crappy year but I must give it some credit, it was a year of personal growth, as cliché as it sounds.  A few years ago, I was still thinking that I had to do what everyone else was doing. Take the same photos, photographed the same locations, do the same poses, follow the same trends, go to the same workshops, be like everyone else… to be part of the club. What I see now is the same photos again and again. The same post editing too, the same poses, the same locations. I can not recognize the style of a photographer from another one anymore. They are all part of the same brand. I feel bad for them, for us because I was playing this game, until I realized this is not creating, it’s not being creative. It’s replicate what you saw, it’s not even being inspired. It’s just blending your style into the style of a bazillion of other photographers. I too was guilty of this non-significant pursuit. It will only make you feel miserable because your goals are not yours anymore, your self-worth is based on what other people think about you (if you don’t shoot like X or Y, you are not part of the clique, so you are not worth it), you will value yourself based on a trend that everyone is following, and when the trend is over, you will feel lost.

I am going to tell you a secret: I don’t want to be like everyone else. I don’t want to be original either, I just want to be me. And being me this year implied saying no a lot, not doing things people were expecting me to do (like being a wedding photographer), not going where everyone else went. I enjoy being part of a community but I refuse to give up my authenticity because I have to do this or that to get more likes, receive accolades or to just be loved. This is not how it should work.

So, today instead of showing you what my year was in images, I am going to share with you my biggest inspirations in 2015. I want to share with you the work of photographers who are not like everyone else and who actually don’t care about what everyone else is thinking. They just shoot for themselves, create what they want to create. Some images are awkward, weird, dark, blurry, weirdly cropped… but who cares? Art does not have to be perfect, it just has to be.  So, I will let you discover my favorite photographers in 2015.

  1. Ryan Muirhead – be sure to follow him on Instagram if you need a daily dose of creativity and not giving a fuck-ness!
  2. Yan Palmer – met her at Nine Retreat, already had a girl crush on her, completely fell in love with her personality and her adorable weirdness
  3. Taryn Kent
  4. Ty French
  5. Dan O’Day – yes he is a wedding photographer, and nobody photographs people in love like him.

I will end this post with some of my favorite photos from the past few years. Some are on my website, some are not. Some were shot in 2014, 2013, 2012… it’s not what’s important. Thanks for reading me!

charlotte_mael_love_session-46galia-lahav-white-montreal-HD-158venice-beach-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-31venice-beach-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-36venice-beach-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-37travels-photography-emilie-iggiotti-15travels-photography-emilie-iggiotti-16EMI_5671-5 EMI_7220-1travels-photography-emilie-iggiotti-37interiors-photography-emilie-iggiotti-2015-3 EMI_2492-3 astrik-portraits-WEB-6720130702-EMI_1428

“I will not be like everyone else”.



  • Claire said:

    J'adore vos photos, vous avez un regard sur les petites et les grandes choses qui les rendent exceptionnelles.
    Vos portraits laissent paraître toute la douceur et la féminité d'e vos sujets.
    Je vous souhaite le meilleur pour 2016, ne soyez pas les autres, mais soyez vous !

  • fotograf ślubny lublin said:

    beautiful colors and great work, top notch.

  • Emi Igg said:

    thank you!