The Camp Collective in British Columbia

Hey friends!

I am trying to go back to better habits with blogging, so here I am. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I attended a workshop called The Camp Collective in British Columbia in June. The workshop was a total blast, and I had a great time hanging out with my friends Tara, Frances, Cole, Ali and Jacob. I also met a bunch of new photographers at the workshop, and we all became good friends. This is really the best. Meeting new people at workshops, and making new friends, is my favourite part of attending workshops.

So, a hello to my new friends: Sara, Aileen, Lisa, Isabella, Monique, Danielle, Kim, Melissa, Mary, Emily and Amanda. You are all amazing!

Of course, we also took a lot of photos, like A LOT. We laughed, we cried, we played games, stayed up late, talked… a lot… laughed more, did yoga, ate good food, slept well, learned so much while still having lots of fun. This camp was like a small vacation for me, a camp for adults, or to be exact, a camp for photographers. Plus, we stayed at Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island. British Columbia is beautiful, and Galiano Island did not disappoint. I took the ferry for the first time to go from Vancouver to Galiano Island. This was fun. We also had the best bus driver who took us from the ferry arrival to Bodega Ridge. The drive was unforgettable. I wish I had a pic of the old school bus but I was too busy laughing and singing to take pictures.

Here are some images taken during the camp. There is a mix of lifestyle photos, portraits, challenges, etc. You get the point!


camp-collective-british-columbia-emilie-iggiotti-1 photo of Ali by Emilie Iggiotti bodega ridge in galiano island

bodega ridge lodge galiano island black and white image of a woman walking photo of Kim Jay in the sun photo of woman in harsh light green leaves in galiano island camp collective workshop attendees photo of birkenstocks on the grass friends walking in the forest in galian island camp-collective-british-columbia-emilie-iggiotti-1 photo of woman at the beach blonde woman with her hair flying in the wind black and white portrait of man at the beach portrait of jacob loafman by emilie iggiotti portrait of woman with a hat at the beach friends laughing together photo of woman and the ocean woman portrait at sunset portrait of a woman in front of wall of leaves kayak in galiano island peace trail in galiano island camp-collective-british-columbia-emilie-iggiotti-1

More information:

Do you want to know a little secret? The Camp Collective is coming to the Rockies, and I will be a counsellor at the next camp. Woohoo! So, come play and learn with me. Sign up here, seats are going fast. Hurry up!



  • Lindsay said:

    All of these are stunning!!! you're amazing <3

  • Isabella said:

    LOVE this post!!! :) Wonderful images as always

  • Robin Jones said:

    Emilie, these photos are absolutely stunning! You make camp look like a majestic place and the people are 10/10 beautiful! I love the Behind the Scenes shots as well as the adorable one of you and your birks! Can't wait to see the one that you're a counsellor at!

  • These are such amazing pictures Emilie! I love them all, it looks like you had such an amazing trip full of great people and awesome adventures!!

  • Liz Stephenson said:

    This looks like such a special place.... your photos are insane. love the lighting and the water especially

  • Can I come if I'm not a photographer?! I want this for writers, dammit! Plus, I am now even more excited (and nervous) for you to take my picture next week! Eeeeekkkkk xoxoxo