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The Green Velvet Couch

The Green Velvet Couch

I realized I never officially introduced you to my Green couch, which is also my dream couch.

I bought this couch when I moved to my new apartment after leaving a relationship which was not working anymore. I have never been a materialistic person, and owning a specific brand or object has never been a goal of mine.

But I love interior design and I love beautiful spaces. I have never lived in a house where I picked the furniture. My former partner never “allowed” me to pick the sofa that I wanted. Everything had to be practical and cheap, aka brown and ugly.

So, when I moved to my new apartment, and I was finally in charge of decorating my own space for myself, I decided to buy this beautiful green velvet sofa from Article.

I had dreamed of a place where I would feel at home. A place where I could come home and feel good and inspired. In fact, I truly believe that living in a home which is uplifting and inspires you is key to help you become the person you want to be.

Now every time, I come home and I open the door, and I see my green couch (also known as the Freedom couch), I have a feeling of gratitude and peacefulness that I never had before.

Knowing that this place is my safe haven. That I can be whoever I want here and I can find peace and inspiration in this safe space. How wonderful is this feeling?

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Dream bathroom in Edmonton

Dream bathroom in Edmonton

Dream Bathroom by Edmonton Interior Design photographer Emilie Iggiotti

Hello friends! I hope this Tuesday finds you well. A few months ago, my dear Justine asked me to come photograph her dream bathroom in Edmonton. After photographing her dream master bedroom (yes, her house is an actual dream!), and because I love photographing interior design so much, I couldn’t say no to her. So, here I am on a Sunday afternoon, taking photos of that gorgeous space, and dreaming of my own perfect bathroom.

I must say, when I moved to Canada, I was a bit disappointed by the bathrooms I have seen here. Haha! No kidding… small spaces, boring decoration, outdated equipment, unpractical showers, etc… I felt like the Canadians were not interested in spending time in the bathroom. But I feel a change now. The modern houses now have luxurious and gorgeous bathrooms, with a huge shower, a bath, two sinks, etc. People spend money on decoration, beautiful tiles, and pretty bathroom fixtures. It’s refreshing and I love it.

So, let me introduce you to this dream bathroom in Edmonton, in case you need some inspiration for your own bathroom renovation! And be sure to take a look at Justine’s blog for more renovation ideas.

These photos were featured on Apartment Therapy too. And of course, Justine blogged about the washroom here.

dream bathroom home renovation edmontonDream Bathroom in Edmonton by Interior Design photographer Emilie Iggiotti dream-bathroom-edmonton-emilie-iggiotti Read More

A dreamy master bedroom

A dreamy master bedroom

When Edmonton lifestyle blogger Justine from the blog With Justine asked me to photograph her newly renovated dreamy master bedroom, of course I said yes. She wanted to do a big reveal (she has been renovated her house for the past few months), and I thought that it was a great idea. I love home decor and I love photographing interiors (have you checked my portfolio?). I find it peaceful to arrange lit

Justine and her husband have put so much love and effort in the renovation of their house, it’s just amazing to see what they have created. If you think Pinterest dream decor meets good taste and class, you will get the idea. The master bedroom is a dreamy room for sure. And they are now working on the living room and the kitchen! I know who I am going to call when I need some home styling advice! Yes, I will call you Justine, with no hesitation!

with justine bedroom renovation dream bedroom edmonton home renovation edmonton home renovation photographer edmonton home renovation photographer with justine bedroom renovation

I love everything about that bedroom… but I especially love the high ceilings!

dream bedroom edmonton home renovation

And I could not resist photographing this pretty lady!

with justine bedroom renovation

Creative team for this shoot:

Renovation: Justine and her husband Ian

Styling and home decor: Justine herself

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

Be sure to visit Justine’s blog for more photos, insights, and information about the renovation.



Fieldstudy Shop in CalgaryCalgary Photographer

Fieldstudy Shop in Calgary

A little visit to Fieldstudy Shop in Calgary…

When my friend Robin asked me if I wanted to go to Calgary with her, I jumped on the occasion. I never been to Calgary before and I already had a list of shops I wanted to visit. One of these shops is the beautiful Fieldstudy Shop, a shop I discovered via Instagram.

I already fell in love with the shop on Instagram, I did not think I could love it even more in real life. And the truth is that Sarah, the owner of the shop, made me love the shop even more. You know when you meet someone for the first time, and they are so sweet, kind and passionate about their craft that we have no other solution than just adore them? Well, this is the feeling I had, the moment we entered the shop.

I was going to only take photos of the shop. But Sarah’s personality is so darn cute, I had to photograph her.

This is how you should do business, be a freaking awesome human being, and be passionate about your business and your craft. That’s the only way to do it.

calgary-photographer-fieldstudy-shopcalgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop fieldstudy shop calgary calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop calgary-photography-fieldstudy-shop

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A safe haven in MontrealEdmonton Interior Design Photographer

A safe haven in Montreal

I took photos of this safe haven in Montreal for the interior design project I had with my dear friend Katherine Cloutier before moving to Edmonton, Alberta. This haven is the home of TV personality Kim Rusk who let me photograph her stunning home in the heart of Montreal. I left this session with a vivid desire to just re-decorate my entire home. Kim has such good taste for decoration. Her home looked like a magazine spread to me.

You must have already remember the sessions we did at Amelie’s apartment and Isabelle’s home. These sessions were a big hit on my blog so I assumed you would love to see another one.

Kim is a dream to photograph. She is so comfortable in front of the camera and has the best smile. But I must say I had a crush on her cats… they are so adorable!!! And if you are a music lover like Kim, you will love her music room. Such a cool space to listen to some rock music!

Thank you Kim for having Katherine and I! It was a blast to photograph your home.

Credits for this lifestyle interior design shoot:

Styling, hair and make-up: Katherine Cloutier from Atelier Eva Blanca

Model: Kim Rusk

Location: Montreal, QC

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Interior Design Photographer

If you want to book me to photograph your home in Edmonton or Banff or Calgary, feel free to contact me HERE.