Come as you are!

I hear everyone talk about how they can’t wait for their hair appointment, or to have their nails done or that they need fake eyelashes. For 2 months, we have been living in a bubble, focusing on flattening the curve and not caring about the way we look. It was a nice break from always feeling like we need to have our shit together, or that we need to wear pants or a bra (right?!).
But are we totally ready to go back to “normal”?
Do you really hate your grey hair?
When is the last time you had your natural nails for so long?
Do you really need to have your roots done?
How do you feel about not having to wear makeup or heels every day?
I invite you to sit in this and ask yourself: do I really need all of this? Can I appreciate the person I see in the mirror every day?
Of course, I am not judging anyone who wears makeup every day and wants to have their hair done asap.
But I wonder: can we take a moment to appreciate who we are, right now, in the most beautiful way. With grey hair, and dark roots, and short nails, and wild eyebrows… just you being YOU!
Maybe you felt like you have been falling apart during this pandemic (physically and mentally) but it’s okay. You might be falling apart but you are now going to put the pieces back together. And you are only keeping the pieces you want to keep! We don’t have to go back to “normal”, or whatever before was. We can go back to OURSELVES. And ourselves might look different. No mask, no hiding, no fear. Just the real, raw and relatable YOU.
So, if you feel called to have your photo taken by me, and if you feel like standing in your most natural beauty and truth, I invite you to “come as you are”.
Let me show you how beautiful you already are, the person who has gone through so much, who has endured the isolation and came out of it with so much more strength.
Let’s capture YOU now so you can always come back to these images in the future and see how badass you are!
Send me an email to to book your spot!
Note: I have limited spots open for these sessions. It will happen on specific days in downtown Edmonton, with physical distancing.