Dream bathroom in Edmonton

Dream Bathroom by Edmonton Interior Design photographer Emilie Iggiotti

Hello friends! I hope this Tuesday finds you well. A few months ago, my dear Justine asked me to come photograph her dream bathroom in Edmonton. After photographing her dream master bedroom (yes, her house is an actual dream!), and because I love photographing interior design so much, I couldn’t say no to her. So, here I am on a Sunday afternoon, taking photos of that gorgeous space, and dreaming of my own perfect bathroom.

I must say, when I moved to Canada, I was a bit disappointed by the bathrooms I have seen here. Haha! No kidding… small spaces, boring decoration, outdated equipment, unpractical showers, etc… I felt like the Canadians were not interested in spending time in the bathroom. But I feel a change now. The modern houses now have luxurious and gorgeous bathrooms, with a huge shower, a bath, two sinks, etc. People spend money on decoration, beautiful tiles, and pretty bathroom fixtures. It’s refreshing and I love it.

So, let me introduce you to this dream bathroom in Edmonton, in case you need some inspiration for your own bathroom renovation! And be sure to take a look at Justine’s blog for more renovation ideas.

These photos were featured on Apartment Therapy too. And of course, Justine blogged about the washroom here.

dream bathroom home renovation edmontonDream Bathroom in Edmonton by Interior Design photographer Emilie Iggiotti dream-bathroom-edmonton-emilie-iggiottiEvery detail in that bathroom is picked perfectly, and styled with so much love. Right?! I love the plants, the frames, the mirrors, the tiles… everything is coming up together so well. We almost want to live in that bathroom. Well, I do!! I could spend hours there, in a bath, in the shower, or just sitting on the floor playing with my cats. Because for some reason, my cats love sleeping on my bathroom floor. Weird right? Haha so I am sure they would appreciate such a gorgeous space!

dream-bathroom-edmonton-emilie-iggiotti with justine bathroom renovation plants bathroom edmonton dream bathroom edmontondream bathroom edmontonbath time books and candlesbrass fixtures bathroom edmonton

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Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti



  • Jess said:

    Okay - can we please all just talk about that bathtub?! I really need this entire bathroom in my life! The pictures that you took in here are so gorgeous!

  • Emilie said:

    Thank you Jess!

  • Alysia said:

    Omg Emilie, you sure did that bathroom justice with your photos. Makes me want to live in there too. Your friend Justine should start a business renting out her bathroom bahaha

  • Carly lefebvre said:

    I could spend sometime in that bathroom. Beautiful. And the photos capture the interior design and feel so well.

  • Lana Palmer said:

    OMG..This bathroom is beyond gorgeous and you photographed it beautifully. Now I"ll be dreaming of a new bathroom. ??