A dreamy master bedroom

When Edmonton lifestyle blogger Justine from the blog With Justine asked me to photograph her newly renovated dreamy master bedroom, of course I said yes. She wanted to do a big reveal (she has been renovated her house for the past few months), and I thought that it was a great idea. I love home decor and I love photographing interiors (have you checked my portfolio?). I find it peaceful to arrange lit

Justine and her husband have put so much love and effort in the renovation of their house, it’s just amazing to see what they have created. If you think Pinterest dream decor meets good taste and class, you will get the idea. The master bedroom is a dreamy room for sure. And they are now working on the living room and the kitchen! I know who I am going to call when I need some home styling advice! Yes, I will call you Justine, with no hesitation!

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I love everything about that bedroom… but I especially love the high ceilings!

dream bedroom edmonton home renovation

And I could not resist photographing this pretty lady!

with justine bedroom renovation

Creative team for this shoot:

Renovation: Justine and her husband Ian

Styling and home decor: Justine herself

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

Be sure to visit Justine’s blog for more photos, insights, and information about the renovation.