Editorial session with Jordan, part one

When Jordan and I got in touch for a photo session, I knew right away the type of shoot I wanted to do with her. I wanted this androgynous look that reminds me of Jane Birkin. I even did a Pinterest board about it. So, this is what we did. We kept easy and simple and I am pretty happy with the results.

MUA by Gabbie MUA // Photography by me // Model: Jordan

editorial+session+jordan_0001 editorial+session+jordan_0002 editorial+session+jordan_0003 editorial+session+jordan_0004 editorial+session+jordan_0005 editorial+session+jordan_0006 editorial+session+jordan_0007 editorial+session+jordan_0008 editorial+session+jordan_0009 editorial+session+jordan_0010 editorial+session+jordan_0011 editorial+session+jordan_0012 editorial+session+jordan_0013 editorial+session+jordan_0014 editorial+session+jordan_0015 editorial+session+jordan_0016

Part two coming soon…

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