Portraits of BaileyEdmonton Portrait Photographer

As an Edmonton portrait photographer, it’s not a secret anymore that I love taking portraits of women. So I was super happy to take these photos of Bailey when I flew from Edmonton to California in October for a workshop. And they turned out to be some of my favourite portraits I have taken. Sometimes we think that we have to plan an entire shoot, find a stylist, get a make-up artist, find a location, etc… I am all for a super planned shoot but I realized that sometimes shooting a very simple portrait in a very good light is just what you need. No tricks, to special effects, just very simple portraiture. I think as portrait photographers, we sometimes forget to go back to the basics. So, it’s good when you have a chance to just do that. It’s simple, it’s minimalist.

Of course, the California light helped me here and Bailey is very photogenic. But I am glad I kept it simple. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve here.

edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-01 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-04 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-05 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-07 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-08 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-11 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-14 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-16 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-17 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-20 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-23 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-24 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-33 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-34 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-35 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-37 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-39 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-40

Credits for this portrait shoot:

Location: Mountain Mermaid

Model: Bailey Webster

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Editing: I used the LXCN presets by Tribe Archipelago and the ELMT Fire presets from Tribe Red Leaf for the black and white images.

I have so many other sessions to blog. See you soon!