Hello there,

My name is Emilie (pronounce it “Emy-Lee”). I am a photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, and specializing in lifestyle and fashion photography. First of all, I love what I do because I do it with passion. Also, I am a creative and modern photographer who loves simple portraits, lifestyle sessions and candid photos. In addition to that, I like movement, big laugh and spontaneity. My goal is that you look at your photos and realize how beautiful you are. Most of all, I love photographing women because I feel like I understand them better. Specializing in natural light, I usually shoot on location in Edmonton or anywhere in Canada or in a studio.

Born and raised in Reunion Island (a French tiny island in the Indian Ocean very close to Madagascar), I have discovered photography in 2006. Then, in 2009, I finally decided to become a full time photographer, after losing my job as a business lawyer and trying to find what I wanted to do with my life. I have a Master degree in law (specialized in Intellectual property and communication) and no degree in photography. But life has taught me that when you are passionate about something, you can learn more than you could ever imagine… and I am still learning every day.

This journey as a photographer has been life changing. In my previous life, I was sad and I did not like my job. Hence, after deciding that life was too short to be sad every day, I finally became the person I wanted to be: happy, confident and optimistic. Therefore, I do believe in destiny, and I do believe that I was born to be a photographer and to share my art with others.

In conclusion, if you like my photos and you want me to photograph you in Edmonton or anywhere else in the world, please send me an email, I would love to hear from you.



(Photo by Andréanne Gauthier)