A little bit more about me…

I am Emilie (pronounced “Emy-Lee”) and I am a portrait photographer from a tiny French island in the Indian Ocean, not far from Madagascar, called Reunion Island. A world traveler, I studied in Versailles, France, I lived in Normandy, Paris, Montreal, and now, Edmonton. While I originally studied literature and law, the legal industry lacked the creativity and connection that photography affords me. Not only that, but I found myself in photography. I found my vision, my voice, my passion, and my purpose. I found my place in the world, where I fit, and how I can make a change. My work as a lifestyle and portrait photographer, focusing on women, allows me to shape the way my clients see themselves – which is an invaluable gift.

As women, we are inundated with garbage representations of beauty, we consume a depressing amount of media that continually point out what’s wrong with us, how we fail, how we come up short. It’s a hard world to be a woman in, so rather than contribute to the onslaught of bullshit imagery that only shows one kind of woman, one kind of beautiful, I work to photograph women of all races, ages, sizes, and ability. And in doing so, I make myself a mirror – a kinder, gentler, more loving mirror than the one you look at and tear yourself apart in – so that you can see how stunning, how lovely, you truly are.

Using natural light, I tend to shoot on location but I’m not opposed to using a studio when it suits me. I revel in simplicity, in guilelessness, and in movement. In my sessions, you’ll burst out laughing, you’ll quietly weep, and you’ll lose yourself in contemplation – you’ll experience a range of emotions, all of which encompass and embody who you are.

It’s not just a session, it’s a journey, a homecoming, and I’m your guide.

Interested in hiring me? Check out my portfolio and send me a message, I can’t wait to meet you.