Mountain Mermaid TopangaCreate Retreat workshop

I went to my first fashion photography workshop at the Mountain Mermaid Topanga in California and it was a memorable week.

Being a fashion photographer takes me to amazing places and I am grateful it took me to the Mountain Mermaid Topanga. This place stole my heart forever. I loved the decoration, the garden, the quietness of the place. Bill, the owner of the place, is such a nice gentleman. It’s impossible to not feel at home there.

I left Edmonton for a few days to stay there for the Create Retreat. It was an absolute dream. Shooting there was a dream. I still can’t realize that I had the opportunity to stay there and to learn from two of the best photographers in the fashion industry right now: Emily Soto and Lara Jade.

The workshop was full of resources and very helpful and I learned so much. I will share the images I took during the workshop very soon but first I wanted to share a few images of that magical place. If you have never been to Topanga in California, well let me tell you something: it’s a special place that seems stuck in a different era. It’s probably stuck in the 70’s with the hippies and the cool people wearing flare jeans, rounded sunglasses and peace signs necklaces. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s perfect.

I stayed in one of the bedrooms in the residence with a view on the garden and the swimming pool. It was like being in a movie. I actually learned that a few celebrities stayed at the Mountain Mermaid, like Lana Del Rey and Rihanna. They also filmed some video clips there. How amazing is this?

mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-02 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-03 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-04 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-05 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-06 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-07 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-08 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-09

Creative team behind the workshop:

Emily Soto // Lara Jade // Create Retreat

I am ready to go back anytime! It was so nice to stay at the Mountain Mermaid in Topanga for my first fashion photography workshop.