Galia LahavAt White Montreal & Toronto

Last summer, Andrea from White Montreal asked me if I would like to take some photos of the new collections that she was receiving in the shop. We were supposed to shoot another brand but then life happened and I was not available anymore. So, we re-scheduled the shoot and she told that she just got some new pieces from Galia Lahav and that she would love to have them photographed.

Of course, I have already heard of Galia Lahav but I have never seen one of her dress in real life before. Wow, I was not disappointed. Galia Lahav’s new collection is for the bride who wants something sexy but classy, who is adventurous and has a free spirit. Every dress is a work of art and extremely original and one of a kind. So, here are a few images of her latest collection.

Dresses: Galia Lahav

Location: White Toronto & Montreal

Model: Claire-Marie from Folio Montreal

galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-3_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-5_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-9_WEB

galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-15_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-17_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-18_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-24_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-25_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-27_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-30_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-32_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-35_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-42_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-44_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-47_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-51_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-55_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-57_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-61_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-69_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-74_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-80_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-86_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-95_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-101_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-105_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-111_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-125_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-130_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-138_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-151_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-155_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-161_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-171_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-180_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-186_WEB


  • Charlotte said:

    C'est tellement beau ce shoot. Je ne l'avais pas vu. Yeux en coeur.