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An instagram intervention: you must think “what is this and how can Emilie Iggiotti, an Edmonton photographer can help me with that?” Well, people regularly ask me about my Instagram account. How did I get so many followers? How do I curate my feed? What app do I use? What tips do I have? People have so many questions and the answers you find online can be confusing sometimes.

I helped a few friends who needed an Instagram “intervention” and it was astonishing to see their account improve and getting more likes and followers. I really enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to social media because I just love it. So I decided that it was time that I offer this service.

The idea is pretty simple: we get to spend two hours together. We will analyze your Instagram account, curate your feed, establish a strategy for you regarding your goals as a business owner. I really wanted to create something personal because I think that sometimes social media keeps us more isolated than it reunites us. So, let’s change that.

My Instagram intervention includes:

  • a two hour session together to talk about how we can improve your Instagram account
  • complete analysis of your feed
  • search for the best hashtags which would work for your business
  • learn how to curate your feed
  • tips about photography
  • what apps can you use to help your Instagram grow
  • and many more…

The price of my “intervention” is very reasonable: $250 + gst and you will leave with tons of tips and a fresh start. I will follow up with you a few weeks after our session if you have any additional questions.

Do you want to book a spot? Email me via my contact form.

Can’t wait to work with you. Let’s crush that Instagram thing!



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