Jennie from the block

Jennie from the block: I am a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, so I always wanted to use that title. So when I took these photos of the uber cool Jennie May Photo in Drumheller, I knew I could do it. Yes, I am a bit crazy.

Jennie is the sweetest and a badass mom and photographer. She has an amazing style, and some cool tattoos. I love Jennie, she rocks. I loved taking those images of her in Drumheller, in front of that abandoned bus. Her hair colour was fitting perfectly with the colours of the bus.

Therefore, here is my girl Jennie from the block, or just Jennie May Photo photographed in Drumheller. She is a rockstar and an awesome human being. You can stalk her Instagram too, she has the cutest family.

jennie-from-the-block-emilie-iggiotti drumheller babes jennie may photo by emilie iggiotti

woman wearing iron maiden shirt in drumheller jennie-from-the-block-emilie-iggiotti lifestyle portrait of woman portrait of jennie may photo in drumheller black and white photo of woman in drumheller jennie-from-the-block-emilie-iggiotti jennie from the block jennie from the block jennie from the block

And more old cars…

jennie drumheller emilie iggiotti

This woman is goals! Seriously! Also, I said it before and I will repeat it: I love photographing women, and help them discover a little bit more about themselves. Most of the time, that little sparkle about themselves is actually a big thing, and all of them just blossom in front of my camera. It’s incredible to watch them evolve, and I wish I could shoot every day with a different woman every time. Therefore, I want to photograph all the women because everyone is different, and everyone has something to discover about themselves. Most of all, I am always curious to discover their truth. It brings me so much!

Thanks for reading, commenting, sending me messages. You guys rock!! You can see other posts about my Drumheller trip here, here and here.