Julia’s nursery

Marie-Lou and Lawrence are very dear to my heart. I have photographed their engagement, their wedding, Marie-Lou’s pregnancy and lately their baby Julia. These two have such a great taste for decoration, that I had to share the photos of Julia’s nursery. It’s absolutely adorable. Don’t you think?

And to see them completely smitten with their baby girl is so sweet.

Baby shoes by Freshly Picked

Cloud mobile from The Butter Flying

Cover by KBCute Designs

baby-julia-HD-2_WEB baby-julia-HD-3_WEB

baby-julia-HD-9_WEB baby-julia-HD-31_WEB baby-julia-HD-52_WEB baby-julia-HD-74_WEB baby-julia-HD-96_WEB baby-julia-HD-105_WEB baby-julia-HD-110_WEB baby-julia-HD-116_WEB baby-julia-HD-120_WEB baby-julia-HD-124_WEBbaby-julia-HD-133_WEB baby-julia-HD-135_WEB

More of the lovely nursery…

marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-31_WEB marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-32_WEB marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-36_WEB marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-37_WEB marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-39_WEB marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-40_WEB marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-42_WEB marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-43_WEB marielou-lawrence-maternite-HD-45_WEB