Lifestyle session in Montreal with Kate

When people tell me that they found me on Instagram, and then hire me to take their photos, I am always surprised, but in a good way of course. What an amazing way to connect with people!

This is how Kate found me and then decided to hire me for a lifestyle session in Montreal. As an entrepreneur, brand strategist, wine specialist, Kate needed new images for her upcoming website and I was so happy to work with her. She is such a character, I wanted her session to reflect all of her interesting sides. We created the perfect “brand session” for her in association with her own brand strategist, Phil Pallen.

So, here is Kate’s session. I hope you will like it! There are a lot of photos because I just loved working with that woman.

Styling: Marjolaine Viau // MUA: Amal Afoussi // Location: Hotel Gault // Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

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If you want to do a lifestyle session in Edmonton, feel free to contact me.