Mentor Sessions

Let’s talk about mentor sessions! As an Edmonton lifestyle photographer, I had a few people who messaged me to talk about photography and social media. But I felt like an online conversation is not always covering everything. And because I am an open book and I love sharing what I know about these subjects, I decided to re-offering mentor sessions. I used to offer mentor sessions about photography only and it was a 4 hour session. It was an investment for sure. And I understand that not everyone has a big budget especially when they are just starting their business or if they are a student.

That’s why I am now offering mentor sessions by the hour. It’s very affordable, we spend one hour together talking about your business, your goals. It can be done by Skype or in a coffee shop in Edmonton. Of course, you can book more hours but I just want to keep it very accessible for anyone who does not have a big budget and who is just starting.

So, if you are interested, just shoot me an email via the contact page on my website. If you have any question, feel free to email me too.

What are these mentor sessions about?

If you are a new business owner trying to figure out how to use social media, or a new photographer just starting out, these mentor sessions are perfect for you. I understand that information is free online but sometimes you need a real connection with a real human being. During these sessions, we will sit down together and talk about anyone that interests you. So, let’s do this together!

Looking forward to meeting you!