New photos for DJ Abeille

A few weeks ago, I have photographed my dear DJ Abeille again, as she needed new photos for her work. And yesterday, I participated in a contest on Instagram (#portraitsTamyUSA) and I wanted to share it what I wrote about the pic I have posted of Abeille:

“They say that a portrait tells a lot about the photographer, as much as it tells about the subject. I don’t know what this portrait tells about me… Maybe that I love light and photographing women.
But I can tell you that this photo is one of my favorite that I have made in a while. And I can tell you that the person photographed is probably one of my favorite subject.
I met @abeillegelinas two years ago when she was looking for a wedding photographer. She and @naeem.adam booked me. Then, I photographed her again for her professional work, and again when she was pregnant. This photo was created a few weeks ago. I needed some new work for my portfolio and Abeille needed some new promo pics.
What I love with Abeille is that every collaboration seems easy. We totally get each other and we enjoy working together. She pushes me to try new things but she also trust me and my work. I think I can say she is my muse.”

And what a joy to include baby Z in the photoshoot!

Make-up by the uber talented and adorable Amanda Priolo.

abeille-portraits-2015-HD-01_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-05_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-08_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-11_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-14_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-16_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-19_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-21_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-23_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-29_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-30_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-33_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-37_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-39_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-40_WEB abeille-portraits-2015-HD-42_WEB

  • Emilie said:

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Autumn Wood said:

    I love this emilie. It's so gorgeous and feels so fresh. I'd love to do a session like this with you! Keep up the wonderful work. ---A.

  • Charlotte said:

    C'est tellement beau !!!! Emilie, je crois que je suis amoureuse des cheveux d'Abeille. LOL !