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Tribe Red Leaf is launching a series of Facebook lives with some talented artists, and it’s called “Perspective”. As members of the group, we were asked to answer to a first question which is: “WHAT IS THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU’VE MADE, IN YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY?”

I decided to share my answer here, as it might also helped a few people who read me here.

What is the best investment I made in my photography? Oh wow, what a question. I would say the best investment I made was to believe in me and my work. To say no when I feel like it was not something for me. And to say yes to new challenges, and unexpected roads. To say yes to things which seemed out of my league or to not take the easy roads. Two years ago, I decided that I did not want to pursue wedding photography anymore. Something inside my heart was telling me that this path was not completing me anymore.

So, I decided to take a leap of faith on myself and to start advertising myself as a portrait and commercial photographer. While the journey has not been easy and I don’t have a super happy ending yet (like “two years after quitting weddings, she is now a famous fashion photographer for Vogue and she just photographed the last campaign for Louis Vuitton!” Hahaha!).

But I guess the most interesting part is not about the destination but definitely about the journey. The fact is I have learned so much about me, about my art, I’ve kept my heart and my mind open to so many new opportunities, I guess the challenge is somehow a success. I don’t think I would have grown so much just by staying in my box. Even if it is not always easy to accept change, it surely teaches you more than we ever expect to. I’ve always listened to my inner intuition when everything/everyone around me was telling me that it was a bad idea.

I’ve always found easier to listen to my guts and be happy with where I am than to listen to others and realize that what people want for you is not necessarily what you want for yourself. So, invest in yourself, believe in yourself, do whatever you want with your art, don’t follow the crowds. Find your own path.

I hope you enjoyed my perspective as a lifestyle and portrait photographer. Feel free to join us in the Tribe Red Leaf users group for more challenges. 😉

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