Photo shoot at Grumman78

Some photos of the restaurant Grumman 78 in Montreal where I did a bridal shoot last year with a great team (see the full post on Melanie’s blog HERE).

If you need some photos of your place or workshop or restaurant, contact me.

grumman78-HD-1_WEB grumman78-HD-2_WEB grumman78-HD-5_WEB grumman78-HD-6_WEB grumman78-HD-8_WEB grumman78-HD-9_WEBgrumman78-shoot-emilie-iggiotti-HD-2_WEB grumman78-shoot-emilie-iggiotti-HD-3_WEB grumman78-shoot-emilie-iggiotti-HD-4_WEB grumman78-shoot-emilie-iggiotti-HD-16_WEB grumman78-shoot-emilie-iggiotti-HD-17_WEB


  • Sandra said:

    I was just at that restaurant last week! Your pictures definitely do it justice. Great work!