Photographing Lara Jade

When I was in California last October, I had the honour of photographing Lara Jade, host of the Create Retreat workshop but most of all, one of my favourite fashion photographer. I have been knowing Lara since her early days at Flickr and Deviant Art. I have always been amazed by her talent and her beauty. Meeting her in real life was a real key moment for me. I know the quote which says that we should not meet our idols but meeting Lara has been a great experience for sure.

On the second day of the workshop, we had an impromptu photo shoot with all the attendees and Lara was kind enough to pose for us. I was able to capture a few images of her. She is a natural beauty, and she knows her angles for sure. But there is something else coming from her. She is quiet, posed and confident. Meeting one of your favourite photographers is already a great moment, but being able to photograph her is definitely a huge honour.

I hope you will like the few portraits I took of Lara.

Credits of this shoot:

  • Model: Lara Jade
  • Location: The Mountain Mermaid in Topanga
  • Hosts: Lara Jade and Emily Soto for Create Retreat
  • Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti
  • Images edited with ELMT Earth from Tribe Red Leaf

You can read more about Create Retreat here and here.




  • Carling said:

    What an experience! I have been following Lara for a while now, that is so crazy that you know her!! Beautiful frames!!!

  • Great shots of Lara. Doesn't she have such a wonderful smile. Her whole face lights up and radiates warmth!