Photos for Julius and Valentina

I have been following the blog Julius & Valentina for many months now. Ariane, the lovely girl behind this awesome blog, and I actually have a lot of friends in common but we never met in real life before the date of this photo session. Ariane asked me if I wanted to be part of a charity event that she has organized. I highly invite you to read about it on her blog (HERE): the goal was to create 100 beauty bags for women who are living in shelters. How can I say now to such a heartfelt cause?

We decided to take advantage of the day and I took some photos of Ariane for her blog. She is so photogenic and good in front of the camera. It was a real joy to shoot with her.

Follow her on Instagram and run to her blog if you are looking for great tips and articles about beauty and fashion. 😉

Nota bene: Special thank you to Rico the cat, who is ready for a modeling career!

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