Portraits for Emilie Murmure

I have been following her blog for a few years now. It’s full of yummy recipes and gorgeous photographs. I mean, who would not follow this blog?

So, when Emilie contacted me and told me she wanted ME to take her photos, I was a bit stressed. But we had a lot of fun and I enjoyed spending some time with her and talk about her blog and her work.

emilie-murmure-HD-16_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-33_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-51_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-68_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-115_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-131_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-157_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-160_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-175_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-181_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-185_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-186_WEB emilie-murmure-HD-197_WEB

Location: Breather (if you want to test it, here’s a code for you, you’ll 1 hour free).



  • Charlotte said:

    Elle est splendide !!!!

    Maintenant, j'ai envie moi aussi d'avoir des photos A la Emilie IGGiotti !!!!

  • Isabelle M said:

    Super joli Emilie! J'aime tellement ton style. Bonne chance à Edmonton :)

  • Emi Igg said:

    hahaha quand tu veux ma poulette ! ;)

  • Emi Igg said:

    Merci Isabelle !