Portraits of EmilyEdmonton Portrait Photographer

I met Emily at the Let’s go workshop last November. Of course, as a portrait photographer based in Edmonton – who does not always have the opportunity to photograph someone one the most photogenic beach -, I had to take some portraits of Emily.

And the most funny thing is that we ended up spending three days together in Portland after the city. Yes, I shared an Airbnb with a total stranger in a city I never been to. But let me tell you something: sometimes you meet a person for the first time and it’s like you have been knowing them forever. Emily is a photographer from New Hampshire, she is very talented and has the most amazing voice. We discovered her secret when we had a karaoke night at the workshop and she slayed at a cover of Work It by Beyonce.

But most of all, I enjoyed spending those three days with Emily. She is smart, beautiful and so freaking funny. I remember all the very serious conversations we had about our lives… you know the type of conversations it is easier with a (almost) stranger than with members of your own family.

So, please meet Emily. I hope you will like the portraits I took. You can see more of her work HERE. Go follow here and give her some love.

I could not resist posting these photos of Emily and Michelle together. They are so cute and we were having so much fun!

I used the LOAF presets from Tribe Archipelago to edit these photos. You can find these presets here.

I wish you Happy Holidays!! May this season be filled with love, laughter and good times with your family and friends. I am currently working on my best of 2016 blog post and I will try to post it soon. But now, it’s time to get ready for Christmas eve.