Pushing my creativity with Alvina

Pushing my creativity with Alvina in Edmonton, AB.

As a photographer, I always try to push myself and to push my creativity and this is what I did with Alvina, at the end of last year in Edmonton. We did that portrait shoot in my apartment in Edmonton and it was great to create for me.

Alvina is a make-up artist, a student, a model. She is a creative herself, so it was great to collaborate with her on that session. I never saw someone posing so easily and being so intense while also being so natural and peaceful.

As usual, I kept my posing pretty simple and minimalist. The only things I wanted to use for this session were this black stool and the white curtains. They are both from IKEA and they are super cheap! Hahaha! I also shot a little bit under-exposed, so my images have lots of grain. It was starting to be very dark in the end, but I actually like the results.

I edited these images with the Wolf Pack presets by Tribe Archipelago. Those are my all-time favourite presets.

pushing-creativity-alvina-edmonton pushing-creativity-alvina-edmonton

She is seriously gorgeous!

pushing creativity edmonton photographer pushing creativity edmonton photographer pushing creativity edmonton photographer pushing creativity edmonton photographer pushing-creativity-alvina-edmonton

Change of outfit and time to play with those cheap white curtains from IKEA! Best investment ever!

pushing-creativity-alvina-edmonton pushing-creativity-alvina-edmonton creativity edmonton photographer creativity edmonton photographer creativity photographer edmonton

Dear Alvina, thank you for this session which allowed me to push my creativity. I am glad I met you in Edmonton and was able to do this photo session with you. Let’s do it again!

Creative Team:

MU + Styling: Alvina

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

You can follow Alvina HERE. And if you want to see more pictures of my latest sessions, feel free to follow me on Instagram HERE.

Thanks for reading!


  • Brina said:

    Omg Em! I love this session so much.

  • Delilah said:

    collaborating with other creatives is the best! beautiful images as always, emilie. You bring out such raw and intimate beauty in your subjects.

  • Haley said:

    The light! The tones! The Model! I'm OBSESSED!

  • Hope said:

    I love everything about this. Simple is always so beautiful ?

  • Emilie said:

    Aww thank you Delilah!!!

  • C√©lestine said:

    These are so beautiful, Emilie! The tones are amazing + absolutely love your posing!