Remembering Normandy

A few years ago, I second shot a wedding with my friend Caroline Vidal. It was happening in Normandy where my parents live.

When I was shooting weddings, I usually had no time to take photos of the environment, the surroundings or the location of the wedding. Not enough time to wander around the location and capture the architecture. I think it’s pretty sad, because I have photographed some gorgeous weddings in Paris, the south of France or even Italy and I don’t have many photos of the landscapes or the city.

So, when I found the images of this wedding on my hard drive, I forgot that I actually had the time to photograph the surroundings during this day. As I just got the new presets by Tribe Archipelago, I wanted to test them. I think they fit the images pretty well. What do you think?

normandy-photos-HD-2_WEB normandy-photos-HD-3_WEB normandy-photos-HD-5_WEB normandy-photos-HD-6_WEB normandy-photos-HD-7_WEB normandy-photos-HD-10_WEB normandy-photos-HD-11_WEB normandy-photos-HD-13_WEB normandy-photos-HD-16_WEB normandy-photos-HD-19_WEB normandy-photos-HD-20_WEB normandy-photos-HD-21_WEB normandy-photos-HD-22_WEB normandy-photos-HD-26_WEB normandy-photos-HD-27_WEB normandy-photos-HD-29_WEB normandy-photos-HD-31_WEB normandy-photos-HD-32_WEB normandy-photos-HD-33_WEB normandy-photos-HD-35_WEB normandy-photos-HD-37_WEB normandy-photos-HD-39_WEB normandy-photos-HD-41_WEB normandy-photos-HD-43_WEB normandy-photos-HD-46_WEB normandy-photos-HD-47_WEB normandy-photos-HD-50_WEB normandy-photos-HD-53_WEB normandy-photos-HD-55_WEB



  • Maeva said:

    Même sous la pluie tu rends la Normandie jolie !

  • Emi Igg said:

    Merci Maéva !