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A weekend in Drumheller: Tara | Part One

A weekend in Drumheller: Tara | Part One

A weekend in Drumheller with Tara by Photographer Emilie Iggiotti

Shooting in Drumheller for a photographer is like shooting in Texas or in the Californian desert. You have the feeling that we are in a different country but we are still in Alberta! I love shooting in Drumheller. The landscapes, the colours, the desert vibes make me happy. I could totally be a Drumheller photographer and I will be happy to shoot there all the time!

The first time I met Tara was a few months ago, at an event in Edmonton. Since then, I have been following her on Instagram, and fan girling her like crazy. So, when I knew she was coming with us to Drumheller, I was so excited. I wanted to shoot with her for a while now, and I was thrilled it was finally happening.

Tara is for me the definition of an Amazon: tall, gorgeous, wild and free.

This is part One of my photos of Tara.

tara-drumheller-babes-emilie-iggiotti_0001 woman photographed in drumheller by emilie iggiotti drumheller photographer emilie iggiotti woman photographed in edmonton drumheller photographer emilie iggiotti

We took some photos at our hotel too…

tara-drumheller-babes-emilie-iggiotti tara-drumheller-babes-emilie-iggiotti drumheller photographer emilie iggiotti

Stay tuned for Part Two!

Creative team:

Model: Tara

MUA: Allure by Chelsea

Other babes: Sara, Robin and Jennie

Photography: Edmonton Portrait Photographer | Emilie Iggiotti

All my photos are edited with the Wolf Pack presets by Tribe Photo Co.



Cat boudoir sessionEdmonton Pet Photographer

Cat boudoir session

I present to you my first cat boudoir session as an official Edmonton pet photographer. Hahaha!

So, I was bored and I wanted to take photos. And I saw my cat taking a dirty nap on the bed… and I thought: “OMG, this could totally be a cat boudoir session”. You know, it’s all about being sexy while lying on a bed, making weird poses with the body, playing with the camera, making love to the camera… you got the idea! I had so much fun shooting this! I wish cats boudoir sessions were a thing. 😉

Haha I would love to photograph your pet in Edmonton, call me!

Credits for this shoot:

Model: Smicky

Edit: LOAF presets by Tribe Archipelago

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Pet Photographer


Portrait session with Jordan, part two

Portrait session with Jordan, part two

Here is the second part of my shoot with Jordan. We added a bit of colours and I love that lipstick that Gabbie put on Jordan.

I love working with models, it allows me to express my creativity and try new things. Jordan was very good at posing and it did not take long before she and I understand each other. That session was super easy and fun. I loved working with her and direct her. Plus, she has the most beautiful face. Can’t wait to show you the last part of this shoot, which might be my favourite one.

editorial+session+jordan_0017 editorial+session+jordan_0018 editorial+session+jordan_0019 editorial+session+jordan_0020 editorial+session+jordan_0021 editorial+session+jordan_0022 editorial+session+jordan_0023 editorial+session+jordan_0024 editorial+session+jordan_0025 editorial+session+jordan_0026 editorial+session+jordan_0027 editorial+session+jordan_0028


MUA: Gabbie MUA

Model: Jordan

To be continued…