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I’m still standing

I'm still standing

Remember that song by Elton John? Well, I just wanted to let you know that I am still standing and I am back in Edmonton and ready to shoot more lifestyle sessions! Haha, it has been a while since I blogged, and I am a little bit ashamed. But this is life, it gets busy and you don’t always do everything you want to do.

So, here is a small summary of what I have done lately:

  • went to France for a month, to see my family (see my travels on my Instagram page)
  • shot two Truth in You sessions in France
  • hired a professional writer to write all the texts for my website
  • hired a graphic designer who is going to create a new logo for my photography business
  • still busy working for Tribe Red Leaf and Tribe Archipelago, and there is even a new division launching tomorrow, and it’s called Tribe Photo Co.
  • celebrated Mother’s Day in France with my mom
  • spent a week in the South of France with my friend Charlotte who made me discover her city, Montpellier
  • was featured on the Dear Photographer blog! Check my interview HERE.

I have so many sessions to edit… but I am leaving this Sunday for Vancouver for The Camp Collective. I am excited! Meanwhile, here are some sneak peeks from my latest sessions.

still standing Edmonton lifestyle photographer Emilie Iggiotti

See you soon!



The Queen of HollywoodEdmonton Women Photographer

The Queen of Hollywood

When I asked my friend Danielle to pose for me, I did not have an exact idea of what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted something glamorous and classy. But it’s only when I saw this dress in Danielle’s closet that I had this idea of a shoot around the theme of the “Queen of Hollywood”. As an Edmonton photographer specializing in women portraits, it’s important for me to create imagery that tell real and honest stories.

Queen of Hollywood is a song by The Corrs, one of my favourite groups from the 90’s. The story of the song is a bit sad, but it’s a beautiful song.

I wanted the series to follow the lyrics of the song… it starts as a happy story, a woman who follows her dreams and wants to become the Queen of Hollywood. But soon, she starts losing her spark, and her life becomes sad. It’s the story of so many persons, who go after their dreams, but realize that their life can become completely different. It’s not easy to try to follow your dreams, sometimes you lose yourself while doing it. But the woman in the song never gives up, she believes that she’ll be the Queen of Hollywood.

The series start with bright and happy photos, but end with moody, dark and blurred pictures to emphasize the despair she is starting to feel.

I hope you will enjoy these images! And how gorgeous is my friend Danielle Lucier?

woman sitting in her living room Edmonton women photographeredmonton lifestyle portrait Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer

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My turning point

My turning point

What do I consider to be “my turning point“, as a photographer?

As a lifestyle and portrait photographer, I remember being very frustrated by the different boxes in which we are used to put photographers. “Oh you are a wedding photographer, so you can not shoot fashion”, or “You are a lifestyle photographer, you can’t shoot in a studio”. I was told that my portfolio was not enough “this” and too much of “that”. It is frustrating to not fit in. Then, I remember being even more frustrated by all the different types of photo shoots that exist. Boudoir, lifestyle, wedding, maternity, corporate, head shots, fashion… and people telling you that you have to find your niche. You should be very good at one type of photography and stick to it.

Well, I am very good at photographing people, especially women, and when they come to me for a photo shoot, they want many different things. My clients want a boudoir shoot, but not too sexy… they want a glamour shoot but not too fashion… Women want to feel beautiful but they don’t want just a headshot… they want you to direct them but they are not professional models… they want amazing pictures of themselves but they don’t feel like they deserve it because apart from engagement shoots, wedding photos, maternity photos and family photos, society tells them that they can not give themselves the gift of a very selfish photo shoot (except for a boudoir shoot but only for Valentine’s Day and to please their husband).

THIS was my turning point. This is when I realized that the boxes are everywhere, even in the photography world. We tell people that they have to fit in a box while we should teach them how to express themselves freely. So, that’s when I decided to create “The Truth in you”, a photo shoot which allows my client to define what she wants for her photo shoot. No limitation, no barrier, no box… and no specific reason to book me. My turning point was that exact moment, when I realized that we are the ones responsible for the fences we decide to put around our OWN work. No one can define what we are and what we do, unless we let them do it for us.

This question is part of a series of talks started in the Tribe Red Leaf group. Feel free to join!

turning point edmonton lifestyle portrait photographer

Image of the beautiful Tamsen edited with ELMT Water 04 from Tribe Red Leaf.



Don’t quit your daydream

Don't quit your daydream

“Don’t quit your daydream
Don’t forget to breathe
Who you want to be is only up to you
Sometimes you may crawl
Let them think that you’re small
Cause it’s so worth the fall when you land where you want to.”
– Tori Kelly

tamsen the truth in you session