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A white home in Montreal

A white home in Montreal

A year and a half ago, my friend Katherine and me decided to launch a project where we would go to people’s home, photograph them in their home and then make a book out of it. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and I moved to Edmonton, and we never finished this project and never made our book. A few weeks ago, I asked Kat if it was okay to share the images as a blog project and of course she said yes. The truth is that I have all these great images which are hidden on my computer and it’s a shame to not share these gorgeous spaces we photographed, and also not talk about the wonderful people we met.

So, to start this series, I wanted to share the images I took of my friend and fellow photographer Isabelle Paille. Isabelle is a wedding photographer based in Montreal. She is also a dog lover, a traveler and she has such a good taste for interior design. When we went to her house, Kat and me were blown away by her sense of style.

Welcome to a beautiful white home in Montreal…

Styling and make-up by Katherine Cloutier

Photography and editing by me

edmonton-interior-design-photographer-01 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-02 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-03 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-04 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-05 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-06

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Editorial session with Jordan, part one

Editorial session with Jordan, part one

When Jordan and I got in touch for a photo session, I knew right away the type of shoot I wanted to do with her. I wanted this androgynous look that reminds me of Jane Birkin. I even did a Pinterest board about it. So, this is what we did. We kept easy and simple and I am pretty happy with the results.

MUA by Gabbie MUA // Photography by me // Model: Jordan

editorial+session+jordan_0001 editorial+session+jordan_0002 editorial+session+jordan_0003 editorial+session+jordan_0004 editorial+session+jordan_0005 editorial+session+jordan_0006 editorial+session+jordan_0007 editorial+session+jordan_0008 editorial+session+jordan_0009 editorial+session+jordan_0010 editorial+session+jordan_0011 editorial+session+jordan_0012 editorial+session+jordan_0013 editorial+session+jordan_0014 editorial+session+jordan_0015 editorial+session+jordan_0016

Part two coming soon…

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Photo session with EveEditorial & Fashion

Photo session with Eve

A few months ago, I have photographed the gorgeous Eve from Dulcedo Model Management. We shot several looks and I was more than happy with the results. One my photos even got me a feature on Looks Like Film, a blog which features the creative work of photographers. Check it out here!

It was a real pleasure to work with Eve, she is so good in front of the camera. Here is my editorial photo session with her.


Model: Eve from Dulcedo Model Management

MUA: Kim Abecassis

Location: Breather

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

Styling: me

editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-01 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-02 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-03 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-04 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-05 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-06 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-07 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-08 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-09 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-10 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-11 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-12 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-13 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-14 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-15 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-16 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-17 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-18 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-19 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-20 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-21 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-22 editorial-session-with-eve-emilie-iggiotti-23

Galia LahavAt White Montreal & Toronto

Galia Lahav

Last summer, Andrea from White Montreal asked me if I would like to take some photos of the new collections that she was receiving in the shop. We were supposed to shoot another brand but then life happened and I was not available anymore. So, we re-scheduled the shoot and she told that she just got some new pieces from Galia Lahav and that she would love to have them photographed.

Of course, I have already heard of Galia Lahav but I have never seen one of her dress in real life before. Wow, I was not disappointed. Galia Lahav’s new collection is for the bride who wants something sexy but classy, who is adventurous and has a free spirit. Every dress is a work of art and extremely original and one of a kind. So, here are a few images of her latest collection.

Dresses: Galia Lahav

Location: White Toronto & Montreal

Model: Claire-Marie from Folio Montreal

galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-3_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-5_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-9_WEB

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