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Maternity photo session in Edmonton

Maternity photo session in Edmonton

I realized I never blogged this maternity session photographed in Edmonton last year with this gorgeous mama. She now has an adorable baby but I still wanted to show you some of my favourite images from this session.

And yes, maternity sessions can be sexy!

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The Truth in You: Sharon

The Truth in You: Sharon

As a portrait photographer based in Edmonton, the biggest compliment I can get is when another photographer asks me to take their photos.

A little back story about Sharon… I started following her on social media way before I moved to Edmonton in 2016. You know these people you follow online and you immediately think “Oh, I want to be friend with that person”? Well, Sharon was one of these persons.

So fast forward to 2019, Sharon is one of my closest friends now. Yes, I kinda forced her to be my friend at that point. Haha kidding! I think she likes me.

Actually, when she asks me to do a Truth in You session for her, I freaked out a little bit. You need to understand that Sharon is one of the best wedding photographers in Edmonton. She is admired and followed by so many other photographers. For sure, it’s a big honour to be hired by someone like Sharon. But this also comes with a bit of pressure.

But I accepted the challenge and put on my big girl’s pants. I worked with Sharon the way I work with my “regular” clients. I created a mood board for her on Pinterest and I took control of the creative direction of the shoot. I chose a few locations that I thought would be a good fit for her.

truth in you session mood board emilie iggiotti

We picked her clothing together so it fits with the locations I picked. It just helps me more efficient while shooting and we don’t waste time changing outfits. After that, it was time to shoot.

I mean, how gorgeous is this woman?

When I posted a sneak peek on social media, Sharon sent me this message:

“I am so in love with that photo. It matches who I want to be.”

What a beautiful way to honour my work. Thank you for your trust, Sharon.



A video about my creative shoot

I did a creative shoot in April and I asked my friend Sara Jewell if she would like to film a little promotional video for me.

Sara is so talented and I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing creative people. I love the video she has created for me and I am happy to share this film with you.

Creative team of the shoot:

A film by Sara Jewell

Thank you Sara for creating this video for me!



Lifestyle portrait session with Shiann

Lifestyle portrait session with Shiann

Earlier this year, I had a burn out. I went through a tough time where I did not feel like myself. I was just irritated and exhausted. I had no inspiration and I felt like my creativity was suffering.

After a few weeks, I felt like I was slowly coming back to myself. Finding my creativity again. Regaining energy and motivation. Not feeling like I am falling behind.

That’s when I got in touch with Shiann and we started planning our lifestyle portrait session together.

For this shoot with Shiann, I had a few ideas in mind but not a clear vision of what I wanted to get from the session (ugh, hello burn out!). We were texting and sharing inspiration and she showed me a picture of this kimono. Right away, I knew I wanted to use it for the shoot and style it a certain way.

I love coming up with a concept, creating an entire shoot, photographing it and seeing it become a reality. It makes my heart happy.

Sometimes, we feel stuck and burnt out. But actually, doing something and “forcing” ourselves to create can help. I felt so much energized after this shoot. Finally, I was able to create something that was aligning with my brand, my style and my vision for my photography. What a relief!

I’ll post more pics of this shoot in another post. Different outfit, different look. Stay tuned!



Simple Portraits

Simple Portraits

Do you need new headshots?

Or as I call them, “professional portraits”?

I just got this amazing backdrop and I would love to get some people in front of my camera.

First, I thought of doing a “marathon” day of shoots where I would have maybe 10 people coming in one day for a 30 min session.

However, I realized that I was doing these marathon shoots because everyone else was doing it. But to be honest, I hate being stressed and these days would be extremely stressful for me. One of my life goals is to live a peaceful life aligned with my values, and basically, these shoots would just kill my soul.

I love talking to people, I love taking my time, especially if I am photographing you. Even if it’s a 30 min shoot, I want to take the time to get to know you. I don’t want to rush you out the door if we are having a meaningful conversation.

So, I am breaking up with the marathon shoots, or mini sessions or whatever you want to call them.

But I still want to photograph you and offering affordable portrait sessions for people who need a good and simple portrait.

***We don’t even have to use this backdrop. We can use my plain walls or a beige backdrop.

So here are the details of these simple portraits:

– The cost: $250 + GST

– The details: 30 min shoot + 10 images included.

– Location: My home studio in Edmonton.

Email me if you have any questions!