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Urban lifestyle photo session in Edmonton

Urban lifestyle photo session in Edmonton

Every photo session is different and this one had its own challenges. My client and I were supposed to take photos outside. But winter in Edmonton is always full of surprises and the day before the shoot, the temperatures suddenly dropped to ridiculous numbers, plus a wind which would freeze you to death if you would stay outside more than 5 minutes.

So, we started our urban lifestyle photo session in a parkade but quickly realized that shooting outside was going to be impossible. That’s when my friend Ali from Blondy Photography came to the rescue. I had mentioned that I would come to shoot in her home studio Home by Blondy for the second part of the shoot, but we had to head over to her place after 15 minutes.

But this is the interesting part of a photo shoot, to go with the flow, have a plan B, and be prepared to change your plans.

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Urban shoot in Edmonton

Urban shoot in Edmonton

I started to follow blogger and instagramer Robin from My Closet Journey on Instagram (where she is a boss by the way) because I just love her style and personality. I found her through mutual contacts and friends as usual. So, when she contacted me for a photo shoot, I was even more excited! We decided to do a urban shoot in Edmonton because I love exploring my neighbourhood and it fits her brand for sure.

That girl is beautiful, passionate about her job and so fun to shoot with. You should definitely follow her if you are a fashionista in Edmonton. I see a bright future for her!


Model and styling: Robin from My Closet Journey

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

Second part of our photo shoot in Downton Edmonton… I am a fan of weird textures and coloured walls. And it can be an issue in Edmonton where all is brown or red brick but we were able to find this greenish wall. I was a happy girl! And don’t you think it fits Robin’s outfit so much!!! Ha!

Dying to get those shoes…

More to come… stay tuned!