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Create RetreatFashion Photography Workshop

Create Retreat

Last October, I flew to California for a fashion photography workshop called Create Retreat hosted by two of my favourite fashion photographers who are based in the US: Lara Jade and Emily Soto. To say that I enjoyed this workshop is an understatement. I met so many wonderful people at the retreat and I learned so much from Lara and Emily. Plus, we stayed at a gorgeous location, as I showed you in this article.

I already posted some pictures of Bailey that I took at the workshop. Now, it’s time to share some photos of the two shoots we had during the retreat. We were able to work with an entire team of stylists, make-up artists, hairstylists and models. The whole experience was great and I recommend any photographer interested in learning fashion photography to attend the Create Retreat Workshop. Emily and Lara are open books, they share a lot and they would answer any question. Plus, they are the sweetest and it was a real pleasure to get to know them more.

For the first set up of the Create Retreat Fashion Photography workshop, we shot inside the house with model Paulina. Emily Soto had set up a backdrop and some lights. The thing is I really liked that set up and now I want to use more artificial lights for my shoots. But I am still a bit shy about it and I need to practice more, so if anyone wants to play, let’s do it together.

I have edited all my photos with the Tribe Red Leaf and the Tribe Archipelago presets.

create-retreat-edmonton-fashion-photography create-retreat-edmonton-fashion-photography create-retreat-edmonton-fashion-photography create-retreat-edmonton-fashion-photography

Meanwhile, Lara was shooting outside with another set up and a second model…


After the first shoots, the models changed outfits and then we moved outside. We started with Lara and the gorgeous Brea dressed in a beautiful hispanic style… beautiful!

More photos with Paulina…

fashion photography create retreat workshop fashion photography create retreat workshop fashion photography create retreat workshop

Credits for the Fashion Photography Create Retreat workshop:

Models – Paulina and Brea
Styling – Janiya
Make Up & Hair – Jenn H
Teachers – Lara Jade & Emily Soto

Mountain Mermaid TopangaCreate Retreat workshop

Mountain Mermaid Topanga

I went to my first fashion photography workshop at the Mountain Mermaid Topanga in California and it was a memorable week.

Being a fashion photographer takes me to amazing places and I am grateful it took me to the Mountain Mermaid Topanga. This place stole my heart forever. I loved the decoration, the garden, the quietness of the place. Bill, the owner of the place, is such a nice gentleman. It’s impossible to not feel at home there.

I left Edmonton for a few days to stay there for the Create Retreat. It was an absolute dream. Shooting there was a dream. I still can’t realize that I had the opportunity to stay there and to learn from two of the best photographers in the fashion industry right now: Emily Soto and Lara Jade.

The workshop was full of resources and very helpful and I learned so much. I will share the images I took during the workshop very soon but first I wanted to share a few images of that magical place. If you have never been to Topanga in California, well let me tell you something: it’s a special place that seems stuck in a different era. It’s probably stuck in the 70’s with the hippies and the cool people wearing flare jeans, rounded sunglasses and peace signs necklaces. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s perfect.

I stayed in one of the bedrooms in the residence with a view on the garden and the swimming pool. It was like being in a movie. I actually learned that a few celebrities stayed at the Mountain Mermaid, like Lana Del Rey and Rihanna. They also filmed some video clips there. How amazing is this?

mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-02 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-03 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-04 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-05 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-06 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-07 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-08 mountain-mermaid-topanga-fashion-photographer-09

Creative team behind the workshop:

Emily Soto // Lara Jade // Create Retreat

I am ready to go back anytime! It was so nice to stay at the Mountain Mermaid in Topanga for my first fashion photography workshop.