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Editorial Mother Muse

Editorial Mother Muse

A few months ago, the ladies at Plaid and Paisley Littles Boutique asked me if I would be interested in shooting an editorial for them, for Mother Muse. Being a fan of the magazine already, of course, I said yes. Plus, I needed to shoot something different, and I am always in for a good collaboration that boosts my creativity. Well, let me tell you that I was not disappointed. Brandi, Bryttani and Brookelyn had something specific in mind, and it was a bit different from what I usually shoot. But the truth is that I liked being pushed, I liked getting out of my comfort zone.

editorial mother muse emilie iggiotti YEG business laturnus girls edmonton business owners alberta women entrepreneurs business women edmonton portrait of woman in edmonton editorial mother muse emilie iggiotti plaid and paisley littles photoshoot editorial mother muse emilie iggiotti portraits of woman in edmonton women portraits edmonton editorial mother muse emilie iggiotti women posing in front of building in Edmonton editorial mother muse emilie iggiotti edmonton editorial shoot plaid and paisley littles editorial mother muse emilie iggiotti

You can buy the magazine HERE.


Styling and models: Plaids & Paisley Littles + Laturnus Girls

Location: Edmonton

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

Photos edited with Wolf Pack presets by Tribe Photo Co.

Take care of you!



Girl interrupted, part 1

Girl interrupted, part 1

A few months ago, I have photographed an editorial shoot in Montreal. The theme was pretty minimalist and simple. Because of the minimalist approach, my friend Ariane – who operated as a stylist on the shoot – decided to name it “Girl interrupted” in reference to the movie with Winona Ryder.

Styling: Julius & Valentina // Model: Kassandra from Montage Models // MUA: Amanda Priolo

girl-interrupted-editorial-preview-1_BLOG girl-interrupted-editorial-preview-5_BLOG girl-interrupted-editorial-preview-12_BLOG girl-interrupted-editorial-preview-18_BLOG girl-interrupted-editorial-preview-24_BLOG

To be continued…

Photos for Julius and Valentina

Photos for Julius and Valentina

I have been following the blog Julius & Valentina for many months now. Ariane, the lovely girl behind this awesome blog, and I actually have a lot of friends in common but we never met in real life before the date of this photo session. Ariane asked me if I wanted to be part of a charity event that she has organized. I highly invite you to read about it on her blog (HERE): the goal was to create 100 beauty bags for women who are living in shelters. How can I say now to such a heartfelt cause?

We decided to take advantage of the day and I took some photos of Ariane for her blog. She is so photogenic and good in front of the camera. It was a real joy to shoot with her.

Follow her on Instagram and run to her blog if you are looking for great tips and articles about beauty and fashion. 😉

Nota bene: Special thank you to Rico the cat, who is ready for a modeling career!

julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-1_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-3_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-8_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-9_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-19_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-20_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-21_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-30_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-33_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-34_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-39_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-42_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-47_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-48_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-52_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-54_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-56_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-58_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-60_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-64_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-73_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-77_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-80_WEB julius-valentina-emilie-iggiotti-WEB-85_WEB

Galia LahavAt White Montreal & Toronto

Galia Lahav

Last summer, Andrea from White Montreal asked me if I would like to take some photos of the new collections that she was receiving in the shop. We were supposed to shoot another brand but then life happened and I was not available anymore. So, we re-scheduled the shoot and she told that she just got some new pieces from Galia Lahav and that she would love to have them photographed.

Of course, I have already heard of Galia Lahav but I have never seen one of her dress in real life before. Wow, I was not disappointed. Galia Lahav’s new collection is for the bride who wants something sexy but classy, who is adventurous and has a free spirit. Every dress is a work of art and extremely original and one of a kind. So, here are a few images of her latest collection.

Dresses: Galia Lahav

Location: White Toronto & Montreal

Model: Claire-Marie from Folio Montreal

galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-3_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-5_WEB galia-lahav-white-montrel-WEB-9_WEB

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Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog!


Welcome to my new blog and my new website!

Now, everything will be located at the same place. I will only here from now. I am not sure yet if I want to keep the old blog. I know some people keep on visiting some old blog posts. So, I have to think about it.

What do you think of the new website? Do you like it? I am updating all the galleries, so it might take time before it’s done. Bear with me!

I will leave you with a photo from a recent shoot I did with DJ Abeille. More to come…