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A dreamy master bedroom

A dreamy master bedroom

When Edmonton lifestyle blogger Justine from the blog With Justine asked me to photograph her newly renovated dreamy master bedroom, of course I said yes. She wanted to do a big reveal (she has been renovated her house for the past few months), and I thought that it was a great idea. I love home decor and I love photographing interiors (have you checked my portfolio?). I find it peaceful to arrange lit

Justine and her husband have put so much love and effort in the renovation of their house, it’s just amazing to see what they have created. If you think Pinterest dream decor meets good taste and class, you will get the idea. The master bedroom is a dreamy room for sure. And they are now working on the living room and the kitchen! I know who I am going to call when I need some home styling advice! Yes, I will call you Justine, with no hesitation!

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I love everything about that bedroom… but I especially love the high ceilings!

dream bedroom edmonton home renovation

And I could not resist photographing this pretty lady!

with justine bedroom renovation

Creative team for this shoot:

Renovation: Justine and her husband Ian

Styling and home decor: Justine herself

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

Be sure to visit Justine’s blog for more photos, insights, and information about the renovation.



A safe haven in MontrealEdmonton Interior Design Photographer

A safe haven in Montreal

I took photos of this safe haven in Montreal for the interior design project I had with my dear friend Katherine Cloutier before moving to Edmonton, Alberta. This haven is the home of TV personality Kim Rusk who let me photograph her stunning home in the heart of Montreal. I left this session with a vivid desire to just re-decorate my entire home. Kim has such good taste for decoration. Her home looked like a magazine spread to me.

You must have already remember the sessions we did at Amelie’s apartment and Isabelle’s home. These sessions were a big hit on my blog so I assumed you would love to see another one.

Kim is a dream to photograph. She is so comfortable in front of the camera and has the best smile. But I must say I had a crush on her cats… they are so adorable!!! And if you are a music lover like Kim, you will love her music room. Such a cool space to listen to some rock music!

Thank you Kim for having Katherine and I! It was a blast to photograph your home.

Credits for this lifestyle interior design shoot:

Styling, hair and make-up: Katherine Cloutier from Atelier Eva Blanca

Model: Kim Rusk

Location: Montreal, QC

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Interior Design Photographer

If you want to book me to photograph your home in Edmonton or Banff or Calgary, feel free to contact me HERE.


Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Hey there!

I just moved to a new apartment in Edmonton and as I was looking for some inspiration for home decor, I realized that I never blogged the photos I took of my friend Ariane’s home sweet home a few months ago. She has such great taste in home decor, and when she asked to take some photos for her blog Julius and Valentina, I said yes of course. At that time, she had partnered with Homesense to create a cosy and eclectic decor in a small but adorable apartment. I love the cute little white table, the plaids, the plants and of course the artwork.

A special note for any Gray Malin‘s fans reading my blog: don’t you just love this photo? Be sure to check out Citizen Atelier if you want to buy one of his creations in Canada. 😉

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Are you a real estate agent who needs a photographer? Or an interior designer looking for someone to take photos of your spaces? Contact me.


A cosy apartment on Le Plateau

A cosy apartment on Le Plateau

Amelie is an actress based in Montreal, Quebec. She is also a singer and a lover of anything vintage. Her home is decorated with amazing pieces of furniture that she found all over the province of Quebec. Her apartment is a dream for anyone who loves antiques but still has a very modern and trendy style. It’s clearly the best of both worlds.

Amelie is a good friend of my friend Katherine and this is how I met her. I have photographed her a few times these past few years and every time, she is so generous, it’s such a pleasure to work with her.

She accepted to be part of our “Home is where the heart is” project. Katherine were so happy to have her on board.

Model: Amelie B Simard

Styling and make-up: Katherine Cloutier

Photography: Emilie Iggiotti

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A white home in Montreal

A white home in Montreal

A year and a half ago, my friend Katherine and me decided to launch a project where we would go to people’s home, photograph them in their home and then make a book out of it. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and I moved to Edmonton, and we never finished this project and never made our book. A few weeks ago, I asked Kat if it was okay to share the images as a blog project and of course she said yes. The truth is that I have all these great images which are hidden on my computer and it’s a shame to not share these gorgeous spaces we photographed, and also not talk about the wonderful people we met.

So, to start this series, I wanted to share the images I took of my friend and fellow photographer Isabelle Paille. Isabelle is a wedding photographer based in Montreal. She is also a dog lover, a traveler and she has such a good taste for interior design. When we went to her house, Kat and me were blown away by her sense of style.

Welcome to a beautiful white home in Montreal…

Styling and make-up by Katherine Cloutier

Photography and editing by me

edmonton-interior-design-photographer-01 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-02 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-03 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-04 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-05 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-06

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