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Dream bathroom in Edmonton

Dream bathroom in Edmonton

Dream Bathroom by Edmonton Interior Design photographer Emilie Iggiotti

Hello friends! I hope this Tuesday finds you well. A few months ago, my dear Justine asked me to come photograph her dream bathroom in Edmonton. After photographing her dream master bedroom (yes, her house is an actual dream!), and because I love photographing interior design so much, I couldn’t say no to her. So, here I am on a Sunday afternoon, taking photos of that gorgeous space, and dreaming of my own perfect bathroom.

I must say, when I moved to Canada, I was a bit disappointed by the bathrooms I have seen here. Haha! No kidding… small spaces, boring decoration, outdated equipment, unpractical showers, etc… I felt like the Canadians were not interested in spending time in the bathroom. But I feel a change now. The modern houses now have luxurious and gorgeous bathrooms, with a huge shower, a bath, two sinks, etc. People spend money on decoration, beautiful tiles, and pretty bathroom fixtures. It’s refreshing and I love it.

So, let me introduce you to this dream bathroom in Edmonton, in case you need some inspiration for your own bathroom renovation! And be sure to take a look at Justine’s blog for more renovation ideas.

These photos were featured on Apartment Therapy too. And of course, Justine blogged about the washroom here.

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Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Hey there!

I just moved to a new apartment in Edmonton and as I was looking for some inspiration for home decor, I realized that I never blogged the photos I took of my friend Ariane’s home sweet home a few months ago. She has such great taste in home decor, and when she asked to take some photos for her blog Julius and Valentina, I said yes of course. At that time, she had partnered with Homesense to create a cosy and eclectic decor in a small but adorable apartment. I love the cute little white table, the plaids, the plants and of course the artwork.

A special note for any Gray Malin‘s fans reading my blog: don’t you just love this photo? Be sure to check out Citizen Atelier if you want to buy one of his creations in Canada. 😉

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Are you a real estate agent who needs a photographer? Or an interior designer looking for someone to take photos of your spaces? Contact me.


A white home in Montreal

A white home in Montreal

A year and a half ago, my friend Katherine and me decided to launch a project where we would go to people’s home, photograph them in their home and then make a book out of it. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and I moved to Edmonton, and we never finished this project and never made our book. A few weeks ago, I asked Kat if it was okay to share the images as a blog project and of course she said yes. The truth is that I have all these great images which are hidden on my computer and it’s a shame to not share these gorgeous spaces we photographed, and also not talk about the wonderful people we met.

So, to start this series, I wanted to share the images I took of my friend and fellow photographer Isabelle Paille. Isabelle is a wedding photographer based in Montreal. She is also a dog lover, a traveler and she has such a good taste for interior design. When we went to her house, Kat and me were blown away by her sense of style.

Welcome to a beautiful white home in Montreal…

Styling and make-up by Katherine Cloutier

Photography and editing by me

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