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The Truth in You: Sharon

The Truth in You: Sharon

As a portrait photographer based in Edmonton, the biggest compliment I can get is when another photographer asks me to take their photos.

A little back story about Sharon… I started following her on social media way before I moved to Edmonton in 2016. You know these people you follow online and you immediately think “Oh, I want to be friend with that person”? Well, Sharon was one of these persons.

So fast forward to 2019, Sharon is one of my closest friends now. Yes, I kinda forced her to be my friend at that point. Haha kidding! I think she likes me.

Actually, when she asks me to do a Truth in You session for her, I freaked out a little bit. You need to understand that Sharon is one of the best wedding photographers in Edmonton. She is admired and followed by so many other photographers. For sure, it’s a big honour to be hired by someone like Sharon. But this also comes with a bit of pressure.

But I accepted the challenge and put on my big girl’s pants. I worked with Sharon the way I work with my “regular” clients. I created a mood board for her on Pinterest and I took control of the creative direction of the shoot. I chose a few locations that I thought would be a good fit for her.

truth in you session mood board emilie iggiotti

We picked her clothing together so it fits with the locations I picked. It just helps me more efficient while shooting and we don’t waste time changing outfits. After that, it was time to shoot.

I mean, how gorgeous is this woman?

When I posted a sneak peek on social media, Sharon sent me this message:

“I am so in love with that photo. It matches who I want to be.”

What a beautiful way to honour my work. Thank you for your trust, Sharon.



The Queen of HollywoodEdmonton Women Photographer

The Queen of Hollywood

When I asked my friend Danielle to pose for me, I did not have an exact idea of what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted something glamorous and classy. But it’s only when I saw this dress in Danielle’s closet that I had this idea of a shoot around the theme of the “Queen of Hollywood”. As an Edmonton photographer specializing in women portraits, it’s important for me to create imagery that tell real and honest stories.

Queen of Hollywood is a song by The Corrs, one of my favourite groups from the 90’s. The story of the song is a bit sad, but it’s a beautiful song.

I wanted the series to follow the lyrics of the song… it starts as a happy story, a woman who follows her dreams and wants to become the Queen of Hollywood. But soon, she starts losing her spark, and her life becomes sad. It’s the story of so many persons, who go after their dreams, but realize that their life can become completely different. It’s not easy to try to follow your dreams, sometimes you lose yourself while doing it. But the woman in the song never gives up, she believes that she’ll be the Queen of Hollywood.

The series start with bright and happy photos, but end with moody, dark and blurred pictures to emphasize the despair she is starting to feel.

I hope you will enjoy these images! And how gorgeous is my friend Danielle Lucier?

woman sitting in her living room Edmonton women photographeredmonton lifestyle portrait Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer

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