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The gazelle and the old red car

The gazelle and the old red car

The gazelle and the old red car by Emilie Iggiotti

I have this thing with old cars and I can’t help it. I love old cars. And I really wanted to do a shoot with an old car but I did not know anyone who had an old car with lots of character.

Then I met my friend Tara (aka Akward Gazelle on Instagram) and one day, as I was watching one of her stories on Instagram, I saw that she is in a very fancy red car. I asked her whose car it was, and she said that it is her boyfriend’s car. Then I said: would you mind doing a shoot with me with that car? And she said yes!

So, fast forward a few months later, when we were finally able to find a date and plan the photo session. We had lots of fun!

I must add something: Tara did all the styling of that session. She has such great taste and an amazing style. It’s so easy to collaborate with her. She just comes up with these amazing outfits. So, all you have to do is pose her and take photos. Seriously, this is unbelievable. I am trying to convince her to become a stylist for all my shoots. Haha!

If you think she has great style, please say it in the comments!

gazelle-old-red-car-emilie-iggiotti old red car interior gazelle-old-red-car-emilie-iggiotti gazelle-old-red-car-emilie-iggiotti

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Portraits of MichelleEdmonton Lifestyle Photographer

Portraits of Michelle

I took these lifestyle portraits of Michelle at the Let’s go workshop where we met last November. She is a talented fellow photographer based in Alberta like me, so it was nice to get to know her and to photograph her on this perfect Oregon beach with this perfect pacific northwest weather.

The thing which is very cool when you hang out with other photographers is that we always – ALWAYS – end up taking pictures of each other. This beach was across the place where we stayed for the workshop so it was mandatory to shoot there. I must say that Michelle blew me away. Her beauty is evident of course But she is so natural in front of the camera, it’s practically impossible to take one bad picture of her. I am glad we took these pictures. It just makes me love taking portraits of women even more.

Also, if you ever visit Portland, Oregon, be sure to visit the coast and especially Manzanita Beach. This place is my new favourite place in the world. The beach, the ocean, the weather, the little town of Manzanita… everything made me want to move to that lovely place!

Credits for this portrait session:

Nikon D3s and 35mm 1.4

Edit: Loaf presets by Tribe Archipelago

Model: Michelle Larmand Photography

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer



Getaway to Jasper National Park

Getaway to Jasper National Park

As an Edmonton fashion and portrait photographer always shooting in the city, I loved my first getaway to Jasper National Park. It was like a breath of fresh air. My friends Megan, Barbara and me hit the road in the middle of the week in late August (perfect to avoid too many tourists) for a well deserved mini vacation in the forest. It was my first time at Jasper National Park and I was flabbergasted. I have seen so many images of this place on social media, I had great expectations. But I was not disappointed and I was even more stunned by the beauty of the landscapes. I was also able to see some wildlife, so it was just amazing.

Barb, Megan and I decided to take some pictures on top of the mountain, after a very interesting trip in the Jasper Skytram. We had a lot of fun and the light was gorgeous up there. We did not actually do the trail because we were tired and wanted to enjoy a nice dinner in the town of Jasper and also catching up on our lives.

The next day, Barb had an engagement session so we decided to join her and take some photos in Maligne Lake. It’s a gorgeous lake like you usually see in the movies, with the stunning colours. Megan and I worked on our double exposures photos and experimented a little bit in the woods.

Then, we headed to Pyramid Lake for a few more pictures before heading back home. It was for sure a quick trip but it was good for the soul. Being in the mountains is so special. This getaway to Jasper National Park was perfect to relax in the middle of a busy summer.

Let’s see some images of our getaway!

getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0001 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0002 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0003 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0004 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0005 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0006 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0007 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0008 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0009 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0010 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0011 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0012 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0013 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0014 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0015 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0016 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0017 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0018 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0019 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0020 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0021 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0023 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0024 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0025 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0026 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0029 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0031 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0032 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0033 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0034 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0035 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0036 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0037 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0038 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0039 getaway-jasper-national-park-emilie-iggiotti_0040

Until next time, beautiful Jasper!

A white home in Montreal

A white home in Montreal

A year and a half ago, my friend Katherine and me decided to launch a project where we would go to people’s home, photograph them in their home and then make a book out of it. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and I moved to Edmonton, and we never finished this project and never made our book. A few weeks ago, I asked Kat if it was okay to share the images as a blog project and of course she said yes. The truth is that I have all these great images which are hidden on my computer and it’s a shame to not share these gorgeous spaces we photographed, and also not talk about the wonderful people we met.

So, to start this series, I wanted to share the images I took of my friend and fellow photographer Isabelle Paille. Isabelle is a wedding photographer based in Montreal. She is also a dog lover, a traveler and she has such a good taste for interior design. When we went to her house, Kat and me were blown away by her sense of style.

Welcome to a beautiful white home in Montreal…

Styling and make-up by Katherine Cloutier

Photography and editing by me

edmonton-interior-design-photographer-01 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-02 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-03 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-04 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-05 edmonton-interior-design-photographer-06

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The truth in you with Tamsen, part two

The truth in you with Tamsen, part two

Hello there!

Time flies and we are already mid-August. My birthday was three days ago and I celebrated very simply with pizza and wine. Today, I want to share with you the second part of my lifestyle shoot with Tamsen. I decided to show you that Truth in You session in several parts because we took a lot of photos, with different outfits. Plus, I don’t want to overwhelm my readers with too many photos. There are still a lot of photos in this blog post but I tried to keep them organized. I hope you will enjoy them.

By the way, in case you did not know that already, Tamsen is a super talented make-up artist based in Montreal. I’ve worked with her a few times and she is awesome. Very professional, a total sweetheart and she is just so calm and positive on a shoot. If you need a MUA in Montreal, you should definitely check her out.

Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-01 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-02 Edmonton-portrait-photographer-Emilie-Iggiotti-03

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