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Playing with light with Devyn

Playing with light with Devyn

It’s not a secret that I love to play with the light. I am obsessed with light and shadow.

A few years ago, I remember trying to explain to someone that “I can see the light”. They look at me like I was the boy in The Sixth Sense telling Bruce Willis “I see dead people”. Hahaha! But what I was trying to say is that I can see where the light is, if the light is good, and how I can use in my photographs.

As a portrait photographer in Edmonton, winters can be long, so I learned to shoot indoors and play with the light and create interesting images. I really think that being limited by the light and the location can sometimes help you be more creative, and it pushes you out of your comfort zone.

So, with Devyn, it was winter, I wanted to shoot outside and I did not have any artificial light so everything you see was photographed in natural light.

We started in my bedroom. There is a corner next to the window which has some interesting light. I used my curtains to bring more light or limit the light. I don’t think we need lots of props when photographing someone, especially if you are making portraits. Just focus on your subject.

So, a chair, some good light and a photogenic model… this is what I had for my session with Devyn. 


woman portraits edmonton

Don’t be afraid of shadows. Not every photo needs to be in full light. Shadows can actually bring some mystery and mood to your photographs. Embrace them!

She has the best smile!

edmonton portrait photographer
moody portrait of woman

Do you want to come shoot in my small apartment and play with light with me? Haha! Send me an email!



Jennie in black and white

Jennie in black and white

I have been holding these black and white photos of Jennie for a while now.

Sometimes I like to keep images for me because I am protective of them. I love them so much, I want to keep them for myself.

It’s always a stress to photograph a fellow photographer, but it can also be a lot of fun. To see a woman you personally know express herself in front of your camera, and blossom like the gorgeous and sensual person that she is in front of your eyes is such a gift.

I will share the colour version of this session in a second post.


jennie in black and white jennie in black and white jennie in black and white jennie in black and white

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Pushing my creativity with Alvina

Pushing my creativity with Alvina

Pushing my creativity with Alvina in Edmonton, AB.

As a photographer, I always try to push myself and to push my creativity and this is what I did with Alvina, at the end of last year in Edmonton. We did that portrait shoot in my apartment in Edmonton and it was great to create for me.

Alvina is a make-up artist, a student, a model. She is a creative herself, so it was great to collaborate with her on that session. I never saw someone posing so easily and being so intense while also being so natural and peaceful.

As usual, I kept my posing pretty simple and minimalist. The only things I wanted to use for this session were this black stool and the white curtains. They are both from IKEA and they are super cheap! Hahaha! I also shot a little bit under-exposed, so my images have lots of grain. It was starting to be very dark in the end, but I actually like the results.

I edited these images with the Wolf Pack presets by Tribe Archipelago. Those are my all-time favourite presets.

pushing-creativity-alvina-edmonton pushing-creativity-alvina-edmonton

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Portraits of BaileyEdmonton Portrait Photographer

Portraits of Bailey

As an Edmonton portrait photographer, it’s not a secret anymore that I love taking portraits of women. So I was super happy to take these photos of Bailey when I flew from Edmonton to California in October for a workshop. And they turned out to be some of my favourite portraits I have taken. Sometimes we think that we have to plan an entire shoot, find a stylist, get a make-up artist, find a location, etc… I am all for a super planned shoot but I realized that sometimes shooting a very simple portrait in a very good light is just what you need. No tricks, to special effects, just very simple portraiture. I think as portrait photographers, we sometimes forget to go back to the basics. So, it’s good when you have a chance to just do that. It’s simple, it’s minimalist.

Of course, the California light helped me here and Bailey is very photogenic. But I am glad I kept it simple. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve here.

edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-01 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-04 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-05 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-07 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-08 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-11 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-14 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-16 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-17 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-20 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-23 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-24 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-33 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-34 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-35 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-37 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-39 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-40

Credits for this portrait shoot:

Location: Mountain Mermaid

Model: Bailey Webster

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Editing: I used the LXCN presets by Tribe Archipelago and the ELMT Fire presets from Tribe Red Leaf for the black and white images.

I have so many other sessions to blog. See you soon!





The truth in you with Tamsen, part threePart Three

The truth in you with Tamsen, part three

It took me so long to blog the last part of that session… maybe because I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to put an end to that series of photos because it is one of my favourite series created so far. I am a bit scared I won’t be able to create something similar, something better. Creativity is strange. We fight for it, we struggle and when we are done with a project, when we finish, we are scared to start again. Because we know the process, we know it’s going to hurt.

These photos created with and for Tamsen are a memory of a difficult time for me. A time where my soul was crushed, my faith was lost and my energy was so low I could not operate properly. I remember driving to the location of the session and asking myself what I was going to do, and why I was doing this. But then, I remember the liberation of creating, the freedom of being alone with my model and my camera, feeling no pressure, no stress, no judgement. I almost forgot how rejuvenating it was for me to be able to just create.

These photos are the testimony of a battle, a struggle with my own mind and the result of a difficult but rewarding journey.

emi_4300-315-hd_blog emi_4309-318-hd_blog emi_4312-321-hd_blog emi_4313-322-hd_blog emi_4327-327-hd_blog emi_4339-331-hd_blog emi_4350-334-hd_blog emi_4358-336-hd_blog emi_4383-343-hd_blogemi_4404-348-hd_blog emi_4428-362-hd_blogemi_4396-346-hd_blog emi_4402-347-hd_blog emi_4439-366-hd_blog emi_4477-377-hd_blog emi_4494-381-hd_blog emi_4527-390-hd_blog emi_4699-429-hd_blog emi_4719-436-hd_blog emi_4738-441-hd_blog emi_4752-446-hd_blog emi_4764-449-hd_blog emi_4792-454-hd_blog emi_4805-458-hd_blog

If you are interested in a session “The truth in you”, contact me via email at info at emilieiggiotti dot com.