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The gazelle and the old red car

The gazelle and the old red car

The gazelle and the old red car by Emilie Iggiotti

I have this thing with old cars and I can’t help it. I love old cars. And I really wanted to do a shoot with an old car but I did not know anyone who had an old car with lots of character.

Then I met my friend Tara (aka Akward¬†Gazelle on Instagram) and one day, as I was watching one of her stories on Instagram, I saw that she is in a very fancy red car. I asked her whose car it was, and she said that it is her boyfriend’s car. Then I said: would you mind doing a shoot with me with that car? And she said yes!

So, fast forward a few months later, when we were finally able to find a date and plan the photo session. We had lots of fun!

I must add something: Tara did all the styling of that session. She has such great taste and an amazing style. It’s so easy to collaborate with her. She just comes up with these amazing outfits. So, all you have to do is pose her and take photos. Seriously, this is unbelievable. I am trying to convince her to become a stylist for all my shoots. Haha!

If you think she has great style, please say it in the comments!

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