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Portraits of a womanEdmonton Woman Photographer

Portraits of a woman

Portraits of a woman

I did a casting call a few months ago because I wanted to take some portraits of a woman who is 45 years old and more in Edmonton. Because in this society, if you look around, on TV, or in magazines, the majority of women are 30 years old and less. After 30, you are considered “too old”. In movies, we frequently see actors playing the roles of older men (60 years old and more) being married or in love with younger women. The photography business is no different. Women are photographed when they are playing a role: fiancee, bride, mother, wife. And as soon as you don’t fit in any of those “roles”, why would you be photographed? That’s why I am making a point in photographing all women, not because you need to fit in a role, but because you deserve to be “seen”. It’s that simple.

So, this is how I met Nancy.

Her beautiful niece sent me her contact on Facebook, and then Nancy sent me an email. We met at my studio, where I photographed her on a Saturday afternoon.

I was in awe of her class, her elegance, and how photogenic she was. It was easy to photograph her, and I love her genuine attitude and her quiet presence.

Here are some of my favourite shots from her session. Here are some portraits of a beautiful woman.

portraits of a woman edmontonportraits of a womanportraits of a woman

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The Queen of HollywoodEdmonton Women Photographer

The Queen of Hollywood

When I asked my friend Danielle to pose for me, I did not have an exact idea of what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted something glamorous and classy. But it’s only when I saw this dress in Danielle’s closet that I had this idea of a shoot around the theme of the “Queen of Hollywood”. As an Edmonton photographer specializing in women portraits, it’s important for me to create imagery that tell real and honest stories.

Queen of Hollywood is a song by The Corrs, one of my favourite groups from the 90’s. The story of the song is a bit sad, but it’s a beautiful song.

I wanted the series to follow the lyrics of the song… it starts as a happy story, a woman who follows her dreams and wants to become the Queen of Hollywood. But soon, she starts losing her spark, and her life becomes sad. It’s the story of so many persons, who go after their dreams, but realize that their life can become completely different. It’s not easy to try to follow your dreams, sometimes you lose yourself while doing it. But the woman in the song never gives up, she believes that she’ll be the Queen of Hollywood.

The series start with bright and happy photos, but end with moody, dark and blurred pictures to emphasize the despair she is starting to feel.

I hope you will enjoy these images! And how gorgeous is my friend Danielle Lucier?

woman sitting in her living room Edmonton women photographeredmonton lifestyle portrait Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer Edmonton women photographer

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I took some self-portraits

I took some self-portraits

I took some self-portraits and let me tell you something: it is not easy.

As part of a challenge in Tribe Red Leaf Facebook group, weĀ had to take some self-portraits. I never really took the time to do it properly but given that I had to spend an entire weekend at home because of my husband’s broken leg, I decided to give it a try. So, I set up my tripod, did some test shots and spent one hour just doing the best I can. Taking self-portraits is not easy. You run, you sweat a lot, you have to think as a photographer, but also as a model. It’s exhausting!

First, it was really frustrating. I had a hard time figuring out my focus point, but when I made it work, I started to have fun. Lots of fun! I changed outfits, tried different poses, angles, etc. It was so much fun that I did it again the day after. I don’t think I will become a self-portraits addict but it was fun to try something different.

So, here are a few of my favourite photos. It’s not that I love these images and that I think I am gorgeous, because I see all my flaws. But I would say that I like those pictures because I look like the real me. šŸ˜‰

self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer

Credits for this self-portraits session:

Edits: Tribe Archipelago + Tribe Red Leaf

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti

Location: Edmonton

Special guests: Gigi and Smicky

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Portraits of MichelleEdmonton Lifestyle Photographer

Portraits of Michelle

I took these lifestyle portraits of Michelle at the Let’s go workshop where we met last November. She is a talented fellow photographer based in Alberta like me, so it was nice to get to know her and to photograph her on this perfect Oregon beach with this perfect pacific northwest weather.

The thing which is very cool when you hang out with other photographers is that we always – ALWAYS – end up taking pictures of each other. This beach was across the place where we stayed for the workshop so it was mandatory to shoot there. I must say that Michelle blew me away. Her beauty is evident of course But she is so natural in front of the camera, it’s practically impossible to take one bad picture of her. I am glad we took these pictures. It just makes me love taking portraits of women even more.

Also, if you ever visit Portland, Oregon, be sure to visit the coast and especially Manzanita Beach. This place is my new favourite place in the world. The beach, the ocean, the weather, the little town of Manzanita… everything made me want to move to that lovely place!

Credits for this portrait session:

Nikon D3s and 35mm 1.4

Edit: Loaf presets by Tribe Archipelago

Model: Michelle Larmand Photography

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer



Portraits of BaileyEdmonton Portrait Photographer

Portraits of Bailey

AsĀ an Edmonton portrait photographer, it’s not a secret anymore that I love taking portraits of women. So I was super happy to take these photosĀ of Bailey when I flew from Edmonton to California in October for a workshop. And they turned out to be some of my favourite portraits I have taken. Sometimes we think that we have to plan an entire shoot, find a stylist, get a make-up artist, find a location, etc… I am all for a super planned shoot but I realized that sometimes shooting a very simple portrait in a very good light is just what you need. No tricks, to special effects, just very simple portraiture. I think as portrait photographers, we sometimes forget to go back to the basics. So, it’s good when you have a chance to just do that. It’s simple, it’s minimalist.

Of course, the California light helped me here and Bailey is very photogenic. But I am glad I kept it simple. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve here.

edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-01 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-04 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-05 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-07 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-08 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-11 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-14 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-16 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-17 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-20 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-23 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-24 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-33 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-34 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-35 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-37 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-39 edmonton-portrait-photographer-bailey-hd-40

Credits for thisĀ portrait shoot:

Location: Mountain Mermaid

Model: Bailey Webster

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Editing: I used the LXCN presets by Tribe Archipelago and the ELMT Fire presets from Tribe Red Leaf for the black and white images.

I have so many other sessions to blog. See you soon!