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Portraits of a womanEdmonton Woman Photographer

Portraits of a woman

Portraits of a woman

I did a casting call a few months ago because I wanted to take some portraits of a woman who is 45 years old and more in Edmonton. Because in this society, if you look around, on TV, or in magazines, the majority of women are 30 years old and less. After 30, you are considered “too old”. In movies, we frequently see actors playing the roles of older men (60 years old and more) being married or in love with younger women. The photography business is no different. Women are photographed when they are playing a role: fiancee, bride, mother, wife. And as soon as you don’t fit in any of those “roles”, why would you be photographed? That’s why I am making a point in photographing all women, not because you need to fit in a role, but because you deserve to be “seen”. It’s that simple.

So, this is how I met Nancy.

Her beautiful niece sent me her contact on Facebook, and then Nancy sent me an email. We met at my studio, where I photographed her on a Saturday afternoon.

I was in awe of her class, her elegance, and how photogenic she was. It was easy to photograph her, and I love her genuine attitude and her quiet presence.

Here are some of my favourite shots from her session. Here are some portraits of a beautiful woman.

portraits of a woman edmontonportraits of a womanportraits of a woman

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I took some self-portraits

I took some self-portraits

I took some self-portraits and let me tell you something: it is not easy.

As part of a challenge in Tribe Red Leaf Facebook group, we had to take some self-portraits. I never really took the time to do it properly but given that I had to spend an entire weekend at home because of my husband’s broken leg, I decided to give it a try. So, I set up my tripod, did some test shots and spent one hour just doing the best I can. Taking self-portraits is not easy. You run, you sweat a lot, you have to think as a photographer, but also as a model. It’s exhausting!

First, it was really frustrating. I had a hard time figuring out my focus point, but when I made it work, I started to have fun. Lots of fun! I changed outfits, tried different poses, angles, etc. It was so much fun that I did it again the day after. I don’t think I will become a self-portraits addict but it was fun to try something different.

So, here are a few of my favourite photos. It’s not that I love these images and that I think I am gorgeous, because I see all my flaws. But I would say that I like those pictures because I look like the real me. 😉

self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer self-portraits-edmonton-portrait-photographer

Credits for this self-portraits session:

Edits: Tribe Archipelago + Tribe Red Leaf

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti

Location: Edmonton

Special guests: Gigi and Smicky

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My turning point

My turning point

What do I consider to be “my turning point“, as a photographer?

As a lifestyle and portrait photographer, I remember being very frustrated by the different boxes in which we are used to put photographers. “Oh you are a wedding photographer, so you can not shoot fashion”, or “You are a lifestyle photographer, you can’t shoot in a studio”. I was told that my portfolio was not enough “this” and too much of “that”. It is frustrating to not fit in. Then, I remember being even more frustrated by all the different types of photo shoots that exist. Boudoir, lifestyle, wedding, maternity, corporate, head shots, fashion… and people telling you that you have to find your niche. You should be very good at one type of photography and stick to it.

Well, I am very good at photographing people, especially women, and when they come to me for a photo shoot, they want many different things. My clients want a boudoir shoot, but not too sexy… they want a glamour shoot but not too fashion… Women want to feel beautiful but they don’t want just a headshot… they want you to direct them but they are not professional models… they want amazing pictures of themselves but they don’t feel like they deserve it because apart from engagement shoots, wedding photos, maternity photos and family photos, society tells them that they can not give themselves the gift of a very selfish photo shoot (except for a boudoir shoot but only for Valentine’s Day and to please their husband).

THIS was my turning point. This is when I realized that the boxes are everywhere, even in the photography world. We tell people that they have to fit in a box while we should teach them how to express themselves freely. So, that’s when I decided to create “The Truth in you”, a photo shoot which allows my client to define what she wants for her photo shoot. No limitation, no barrier, no box… and no specific reason to book me. My turning point was that exact moment, when I realized that we are the ones responsible for the fences we decide to put around our OWN work. No one can define what we are and what we do, unless we let them do it for us.

This question is part of a series of talks started in the Tribe Red Leaf group. Feel free to join!

turning point edmonton lifestyle portrait photographer

Image of the beautiful Tamsen edited with ELMT Water 04 from Tribe Red Leaf.



My PerspectiveEdmonton Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

My Perspective

Tribe Red Leaf is launching a series of Facebook lives with some talented artists, and it’s called “Perspective”. As members of the group, we were asked to answer to a first question which is: “WHAT IS THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU’VE MADE, IN YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY?”

I decided to share my answer here, as it might also helped a few people who read me here.

What is the best investment I made in my photography? Oh wow, what a question. I would say the best investment I made was to believe in me and my work. To say no when I feel like it was not something for me. And to say yes to new challenges, and unexpected roads. To say yes to things which seemed out of my league or to not take the easy roads. Two years ago, I decided that I did not want to pursue wedding photography anymore. Something inside my heart was telling me that this path was not completing me anymore.

So, I decided to take a leap of faith on myself and to start advertising myself as a portrait and commercial photographer. While the journey has not been easy and I don’t have a super happy ending yet (like “two years after quitting weddings, she is now a famous fashion photographer for Vogue and she just photographed the last campaign for Louis Vuitton!” Hahaha!).

But I guess the most interesting part is not about the destination but definitely about the journey. The fact is I have learned so much about me, about my art, I’ve kept my heart and my mind open to so many new opportunities, I guess the challenge is somehow a success. I don’t think I would have grown so much just by staying in my box. Even if it is not always easy to accept change, it surely teaches you more than we ever expect to. I’ve always listened to my inner intuition when everything/everyone around me was telling me that it was a bad idea.

I’ve always found easier to listen to my guts and be happy with where I am than to listen to others and realize that what people want for you is not necessarily what you want for yourself. So, invest in yourself, believe in yourself, do whatever you want with your art, don’t follow the crowds. Find your own path.

I hope you enjoyed my perspective as a lifestyle and portrait photographer. Feel free to join us in the Tribe Red Leaf users group for more challenges. 😉

Image edited with ELMT Water 04 modified.

perspective edmonton lifestyle portrait photographer



Summertime sadness

Summertime sadness

I have been having a bit of summertime sadness for the past few days. It’s “finally” winter here in Edmonton, it snowed a little bit already and you can feel that the Holidays are just around the corner. But I still have so many photos to share from this summer, it will still be summer on this blog for a few months.

Do you remember my friend Danielle? She is talented wedding photographer in Edmonton and she also has her own online boutique. We met at the beginning of summer to take some pictures for her shop. It was our first time meeting and we met again last month at the Let’s go workshop. She is funny, sassy and very photogenic. She is a professional hair flipper and the only person I know who can walks in heels in a field with grace. She is amazing!

Edited with the ELMT Water presets by Tribe Red Leaf.

edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer danielleportraitsweb-87_blog edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer edmonton lifestyle photographer

See you soon Summer!