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Portrait of Mary in the forest

Portrait of Mary in the forest

A portrait of Mary in the forest…

Wow! I can’t believe I never blogged these images of Mary in the forest, taken in 2017 in British Columbia. It’s about time!

Also, a portrait from this session has won a final place at The Voice competition organized by Clickin Moms and Click Magazine. And I got to win my own print of my photo!

The winning photo combines two of my favourite subjects to photograph: nature and a woman’s face. Maybe it will be the beginning of a series, actually. In fact, there is something magical about a woman photographed in a forest, surrounded by trees and leaves, sitting on the ground and celebrating her life and her beauty. So, I hope these photos make you stop and think for a second. Indeed, think of nature, think of the beautiful women in your life, think of what you want your images to be, and what you want people to feel when they see them.

For the technical details:

Photographed with a Nikon D810 and a Sigma 50mm 1.4

Edited with Wolf Pack 06 by Tribe Archipelago

Model: Mary

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti Photos

Now, let’s see the pictures…

woman at the beach, with a tattoo on her arm
woman lying on the beach in british columbia
woman dancing in the sun

Green is definitely my favourite colour to photograph. I am obsessed with these tones!!! Give me all the shades of green!

portrait of mary in the forest
portrait of mary in the forest
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Bailey… I took her portrait in California at the Create Retreat.

Sometimes you meet a stranger and you just click. It’s almost like you have found an old friend again. Maybe it was in another life. We don’t really know. But the feeling of knowing this person already is here and it’s weird and magical at the same time. This is what happened with Bailey. I feel like I have been knowing her forever. So, I had to photograph her, because this is what you do with old friends right?

baileyloaf-c3-1827portrait woman edmonton

To be continued…


Woman portrait in Montreal

Woman portrait in Montreal

It’s not new that I love to photograph women. And I am taking advantage of my last days in Montreal to book as many as portraits sessions as possible. So, here is a new “woman portrait in Montreal”.

This is Astrik. I met her last year via a networking event that she has created 3 years ago with some friends. Les A.I.LE.S is now a larger network for women. For the past two years, I have enjoyed going to the 5 à 7 organized by Les AILES, I have met new people and I have even found new clients thanks this network. So if you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or simply a woman who wants to meet new persons outside of your friends circle and business/work circle, I highly recommend you to join this group.

Then, a few months ago, Astrik told me that she needed some new photos for her LinkedIn. So, we booked a session and I took some photos of her. She told me I could share some photos, so here I am showing you my favorite photos of the session. And damn it, it was hard to choose.

I must say that the thing that I really enjoy seeing during a photo session is when a woman starts to let go of her fears and doubts and completely trusts me. I love seeing a woman blossom in front of my eyes and my camera, and then look at her photos and realize how gorgeous she is. People are often intimidated by a photo shoot because they think the photographer is going to make them stand in awkward positions, do weird things. Nobody wants to feel dumb or ridiculous during a photo shoot and I always make sure that the person in front of my camera is feeling good and beautiful and confident. But I can understand the struggle and the internal conversation we have in our minds. A photo shoot is not something we do often (unless you are a professional model) and stepping outside of our comfort zone is scary. So, if you plan to book a photo session, don’t worry, the photographer is here to help you and make you feel good.

I must say that I took some very classic portraits of Astrik for her social media channels. But here, I want to show you the more relaxed and laid-back photos that we did after the safe shots were done. Because if you book a photo session with a professional photographer, you’d rather take advantage of the time booked and have a little fun too. Also, can we all agree that Astrik is absolutely gorgeous? I could photographer her all day long. Enjoy!

astrik-portraits-HD-31_WEB astrik-portraits-HD-34_WEB astrik-portraits-HD-36_WEB astrik-portraits-HD-41_WEB astrik-portraits-HD-49_WEB

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