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The Truth in You: Megan

The Truth in You: Megan

When a client approaches me for a session, I don’t always know the reason behind their inquiry. Yes, they want to have beautiful images of themselves. But sometimes, it’s more than that. And I feel extremely honoured to have done this Truth in You session with Megan.

Today, she posted this message on Instagram because May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I asked her if I could share it. Because these words are so powerful and my clients are the only persons who can really express what it means to step into their own truth. I am just here to document their journey with my photography.

But what an honour it is to be the witness of such a wakening. To see someone express herself in front of my camera and connect with herself in a way I can’t really comprehend.

How powerful is it. How humbling.

Here are Megan’s words:

I’m conflicted to share these photos because they are so special to me. A part of me wants to covet them for myself and keep my story locked up by my insecurities in a place of nonjudgemental safety, but another part of me wants to be open and honest for other people fighting through panic disorder, anxiety, and depression. My black veil idea may be very “Pinteresty” (literally where I got the idea)/instagramable, but to me, it’s an entirely real, yet inadequate metaphor for my mental illness. Only being able to see and react due to the veil of mental illness has been an ongoing struggle in my life.

Within the last month, I’ve experienced great change, pain, and relief. Truly the relief part came from ASKING FOR HELP. It has single-handedly changed my life. I’m starting to not feel ashamed of my mental illness. I’ve been hiding for too long, coasting through life, and trying to ‘get by’ without fully taking it seriously, but I’m ready to be okay with the uncomfortableness of change and the reality of my situation. I’m learning to understand and recognize the warning signs. I’m learning what to do when the veil becomes so dark that nothing makes sense. I’m taking cognitive behavioural therapy seriously, meditating, and taking better care of my body — every day (keyword). I’m learning to let others in (s/o to a very special aunt of mine). I’m learning that having professional and medical help is valid and necessary.

Again, I’m not sure the Instagram effect is great for my well-being, so this might be a temporary share. While I am here, I want more than anything to celebrate the art of @emilieiggiottiphotos and the incredibly empowering, inspiring, and important work she is doing for women. Thank you for capturing these feelings for me. Please check her out, especially if you’re interested in having pictures done for yourself. I think I will put some in a time capsule to look back on in 10 – 20 years.

I am speechless, writing this blog post with tears in my eyes. I am so grateful for being part of your journey, Megan. Thank you for trusting me.



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Mini portrait sessions

Mini portrait sessions

It’s been a while since I blogged. But I have so many beautiful sessions to share, I need to get back to blogging.

Anyway, if you are reading this, I am here to announce a day of mini portrait sessions in November.

Date: November 24th, 2018

What does that include?

  • A 30 min session in my home studio
  • 5 HD images + an online gallery where you can buy more images
  • Cost: $200 + GST

Contact me here if you want to book your spot!

And if you need a makeup artist, the talented Kaitlin of Upstairs Glamour is available to do your makeup on November 24th.

edmonton portrait photographer
Edmonton portrait photographer, Edmonton woman photographer,
jennie in black and white

Contact me HERE to book your spot!


Portraits of MichelleEdmonton Lifestyle Photographer

Portraits of Michelle

I took these lifestyle portraits of Michelle at the Let’s go workshop where we met last November. She is a talented fellow photographer based in Alberta like me, so it was nice to get to know her and to photograph her on this perfect Oregon beach with this perfect pacific northwest weather.

The thing which is very cool when you hang out with other photographers is that we always – ALWAYS – end up taking pictures of each other. This beach was across the place where we stayed for the workshop so it was mandatory to shoot there. I must say that Michelle blew me away. Her beauty is evident of course But she is so natural in front of the camera, it’s practically impossible to take one bad picture of her. I am glad we took these pictures. It just makes me love taking portraits of women even more.

Also, if you ever visit Portland, Oregon, be sure to visit the coast and especially Manzanita Beach. This place is my new favourite place in the world. The beach, the ocean, the weather, the little town of Manzanita… everything made me want to move to that lovely place!

Credits for this portrait session:

Nikon D3s and 35mm 1.4

Edit: Loaf presets by Tribe Archipelago

Model: Michelle Larmand Photography

Photographer: Emilie Iggiotti | Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer



The truth in you with Tamsen, part threePart Three

The truth in you with Tamsen, part three

It took me so long to blog the last part of that session… maybe because I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to put an end to that series of photos because it is one of my favourite series created so far. I am a bit scared I won’t be able to create something similar, something better. Creativity is strange. We fight for it, we struggle and when we are done with a project, when we finish, we are scared to start again. Because we know the process, we know it’s going to hurt.

These photos created with and for Tamsen are a memory of a difficult time for me. A time where my soul was crushed, my faith was lost and my energy was so low I could not operate properly. I remember driving to the location of the session and asking myself what I was going to do, and why I was doing this. But then, I remember the liberation of creating, the freedom of being alone with my model and my camera, feeling no pressure, no stress, no judgement. I almost forgot how rejuvenating it was for me to be able to just create.

These photos are the testimony of a battle, a struggle with my own mind and the result of a difficult but rewarding journey.

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If you are interested in a session “The truth in you”, contact me via email at info at emilieiggiotti dot com.