Test shoot with Brooklyn

I love doing a test shoot with models. As a fashion photographer, it’s a great way to practice and I love photographing new faces. And this week I did a test shoot with Brooklyn from¬†Mode Models International, a model agency based in Edmonton, Alberta. I love working with them, they are the best in Edmonton.

I am just posting a few images because I did not have to edit more but I wanted to share these ones with you. It was shot at the Victoria Park in Downtown Edmonton on a very chilly Saturday morning.

Today, the temperatures are way too cold too shot, so I am glad I did that small photo shoot last Saturday. Shooting outside during winter is definitely a challenge and you don’t want your model to freeze or lose your fingers. I am looking for options in Edmonton regarding spaces or locations where I could shoot indoors. If you have any suggestion, feel free to comment.

test-shoot-model-edmonton-fashion-photographer-emilie-iggiotti_0001 test-shoot-model-edmonton-fashion-photographer-emilie-iggiotti_0002 test-shoot-model-edmonton-fashion-photographer-emilie-iggiotti_0003

Credits for the shoot:

And for my photographers friends, I shot with a Nikon D3s, a Sigma Art 50 1.4 and I edited the photos with the LXCN presets by Tribe Archipelago.

To be continued…