MONICA DE LIZ, Holistic Style Coach, Speaker and Self-Love Activist at becauseyoudeserve.com:

“EMILIE CAPTURES THE BEST OF YOU WITH EASE. She is a talented photographer that makes you look and feel good (no photoshop is required). We had an inspiring photo session for my website re-branding. I want to thank you for bringing my brand identity visuals to life, I couldn’t have done it without your beautiful pictures. She is caring, punctual and reliable. I especially appreciated her organizing my images on a virtual gallery for selection and receiving a fun personalized album at home. Dreamy! Ready to see yourself in a new light? She can make it happen!”

edmonton lifestyle photographer

CHARLOTTE LAURENT, Relations Publiques at www.chaprgirl.com:

“Être photographiée par Emilie, c’est beaucoup plus qu’une simple expérience. Elle nous offre la possibilité de devenir nous-même et de mettre en lumière qui nous sommes réellement. Une expérience personnelle qui m’a permis de comprendre qu’en tant que professionnelle, je souhaitais travailler uniquement avec elle. Que ça soit pour un client ou pour un lookbook ou encore des photos officielles de produits, elle sait trouver l’angle parfait qui saura toucher votre cible d’un simple regard. Ce talent est bien trop rare pour ne pas être mis en avant.”


TAMSEN RAE, Make-up Artist and microblade technician at www.tamsenraemakeup.com:

“I’m usually really shy in front of the camera. I feel awkward and it shows in the photos. Something special happened when I arrived for my session with Emilie. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable. Nothing felt forced. It was more of an experience like hanging out with a friend and listening to music while taking a few playful snaps. Something I usually find really stressful was actually a lot of fun! Then I saw the photos…I can’t even describe how beautiful I felt. I really believe Emilie caught a true image of myself. I didn’t look fake of posed or heavily photoshopped. It was just simply me, and surprisingly I felt beautiful with that. I can’t thank Emilie enough for such a wonderful, memorable experience but also for the stunning photos I’ll cherish forever!“