The Green Velvet Couch

I realized I never officially introduced you to my Green couch, which is also my dream couch.

I bought this couch when I moved to my new apartment after leaving a relationship which was not working anymore. I have never been a materialistic person, and owning a specific brand or object has never been a goal of mine.

But I love interior design and I love beautiful spaces. I have never lived in a house where I picked the furniture. My former partner never “allowed” me to pick the sofa that I wanted. Everything had to be practical and cheap, aka brown and ugly.

So, when I moved to my new apartment, and I was finally in charge of decorating my own space for myself, I decided to buy this beautiful green velvet sofa from Article.

I had dreamed of a place where I would feel at home. A place where I could come home and feel good and inspired. In fact, I truly believe that living in a home which is uplifting and inspires you is key to help you become the person you want to be.

Now every time, I come home and I open the door, and I see my green couch (also known as the Freedom couch), I have a feeling of gratitude and peacefulness that I never had before.

Knowing that this place is my safe haven. That I can be whoever I want here and I can find peace and inspiration in this safe space. How wonderful is this feeling?

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  • Kristie Sellmeyer said:

    To-DIE-FOR couch!! May I ask where you purchased it? I can't find what I am looking for anywhere!