The last one

On June 18th, I shot my last wedding as a main wedding photographer. While I was able to hold my tears the entire day because I was so focused on my job and because I wanted to do the best job in the world for these two amazing persons who were getting married, today while I was uploading my photos and going through my Lightroom library, I could not hold my tears. Tears of joy for these two of course but also a little bit of nostalgia for six years of amazing adventures, six years of incredible travels all over the world from France to Canada to Reunion Island to Italy, six years of being the person responsible of a couple’s memory on their wedding day, six years of new friendships, six years of crazy fun dance parties and delicious food, six years of laughters, stress, sweat, wait, tears, joy, excitement, happiness… six years of pure love for my job and zero regret for choosing my passion over my reason six years ago.

I could have not imagined a better day and a better couple to end my journey as a wedding photographer. These two have been in my life since 2011 when I just moved to Montreal with my husband, with no other family, no contracts, just my motivation and a huge desire to build a successful business in Canada. Marie-Pier and Erick were the models at my first wedding styled shoot. I loved them the moment I met them and we kept in touch after that. This styled shoot was a turning point in my beginning career in Montreal. Everything changed after that shoot. This is when I met people who will later become some of my closest friends and after that my business just started to take off.

Typing this, I am realising that this shoot was in some way “a decisive moment” which make Marie-Pier and Erick my lucky stars. They truly are my lucky stars. So, I guess everything makes sense today. That shoot five years ago was kinda perfect. Yesterday was a perfect day. Perfect in so many ways, I don’t even know where to start. My heart is full and I was truly honoured to be there for them to capture one of the best days of their life. “La boucle est bouclée.”


P.S.: If you are a future bride and groom and you are reading this, I have only ONE advice for you: have a first look on your wedding. You will never regret this moment of pure love and magic, I promise.