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Lifestyle photography has always been my thing. This is how I started. “The Truth in You” is a unique lifestyle photography session designed by me for women, whether you are in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada. This new type of photo session was born from an idea, a crazy idea… I was frustrated by the formats offered to my clients. Portraits, corporate, editorial, boudoir, lifestyle… It’s hard to fit in a box when you don’t know where you belong. But what if you wanted a little bit of all of that but nothing really specific. Maybe you just wanted a lifestyle photography session just for you, but not in your own house. How do you call that? Maybe you wanted a boudoir session, but not for your husband, just for you… All these questions made me think a lot and it took me months (years?) to figure out what I wanted to offer as a final product.

That’s how “The Truth in You” was born. Because many times, the society, the world tell us how we should behave, what we should do and how you should show ourselves to the world. That’s when I realised that the type of sessions I was offering to my clients were not the type of sessions I wanted to shoot or the type of the sessions where they would leave with the idea of having being “seen”. I wanted to change that I want you to book a session, spend 2 or 4 hours in a studio or in a location with me, and leave the session with a feeling of relief. The relief of finally having the type of photos that will show the real you, the one you might be afraid to show the world. But it’s time my friend, it’s time to show the truth in you.

If you want to learn more about the session, send me an email HERE.
I’m usually really shy in front of the camera. I feel awkward and it shows in the photos. Something special happened when I arrived for my session with Emilie. I felt totally relaxed and comfortable. Nothing felt forced. It was more of an experience like hanging out with a friend and listening to music while taking a few playful snaps. Something I usually find really stressful was actually a lot of fun! Then I saw the photos…I can’t even describe how beautiful I felt. I really believe Emilie caught a true image of myself. I didn’t look fake of posed or heavily photoshopped. It was just simply me, and surprisingly I felt beautiful with that. I can’t thank Emilie enough for such a wonderful, memorable experience but also for the stunning photos I’ll cherish forever!